Micro-project 2: TELE-study/stroll

I did the live video with Elizabeth. Initially, we wanted to video ourselves leaving south spine and meeting at ADM again, where Liz takes the bus and I’ll walk. But apparently we forgot that the video had to be horizontally done. So. Re-do.

So Liz went back to her hall and I was at ADM library. We both realised we were on our laptops doing the same work so we decided it was interesting to document it- Liz was doing it in the comfort of her hall while I was in a (cold) public space.

The contrast in the nature of the location makes it an interesting documentation process and we had fun. I couldn’t make a lot of noise because I was in the library (duh) but Liz could walk around A LOT (and she did) and had no restrictions whatsoever.

Posted by Ros Farzana on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

It was interesting to see the difference a setting can make to a person and how it curbs a person to act or portray themselves.

That’s all folks goodbye

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