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Open source is a platform for individuals to share their creative process and ideas. The first article discusses about the risks and downside of a interconnected and media-driven world. Siva also points out the change in the way we project things from past to present times. In the past, copyright was originally for physical copies or media. However, in this changing day and age, copyright is now used for online media, research etc. Siva also mentions about Stallman who has faced issues when online information which would benefit society was not shared. The lines between knowledge and the right not to share is blurred and one might even mistake copyright for selfishness. Open Source however solves this by providing a platform for people to share works, but guaranteed for a good cause, like education and productive criticism. Otherwise, the system would be pointless.

Open source is basically a platform that revolves around the vision ‘DIWO’- Do it with others. Not only does it encourage people to collaborate and view each others works, but it is also a great platform to showcase the art process. By providing a platform for the creative process, it also encourages students to further push their limits and try different methods, as the process is just as equally important as the outcome.

We are interconnected!!!!

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  1. Ros, I like your enthusiasm! You captured some of the main points of open source, but I am curious to know: why do you think that proprietary methods of copyright and ownership might be considered selfish? That is a strong statement, perhaps correct, but should be explained. Be sure and use images that help communicate your ideas, images that are drawn from the readings, rather than “magazine-style” graphics. It would also be helpful to use more concrete examples rather than taking a general approach, even though your comments are very good.

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