Project Glitchhhh

Adding on piles of glitch for a group collaboration in class. I really enjoyed editing the photos because you are supposed to screw up. I always feel stressed when I used photoshop and ‘command-Z’ would always be my emergency button whenever I screwed up but today in class I felt REAL freedom!! I didn’t have to think about what I was doing and screwing up has never felt this great.

I also loved how my (half-faced) selfie turned out. The final piece is amazing you can’t even tell it was a selfie to begin with. The progress pictures were great too and contributed to the work. It made the whole collaboration more interesting because you can really get to see how each of us contributed to the glitch.

One thought on “Project Glitchhhh”

  1. Yes, I agree a beautiful transformation, I particularly like the next to last image. Isn’t it liberating to be able to “screw up” an image, to not only allow the degradation of the image, but to revel in it! Very good description.

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