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#Imagemakingthroughtype: Research

Before I first started I actually had a lot of occupations I knew I was interested to explore. But as I go deeper into this project, it wasn’t as easy as it seems. So I cut out a lot of my options, and infact changed lot of my occupations even when I was halfway doing them, because ART BLOCK!!! 🙁 yes sadly I did waste a lot of time

Below are the finalised ones:

  1. Makeup Artist
  2. Logo Designer
  3. Fashion Designer
  4. Artist

I kept changing the medium halfway too because I couldn’t decide.

For makeup artist I went to explore the different types of tools I could somehow use to make alphabets:


For Logo Designer I googled some logos for inspiration. I am quite smitten(lol) by cool minimalist B&W logos sooo yep my final work will be something similar.

Fashion Designer reference:

For  Artist, I’m using Monet’s works as reference because I love his works so much.