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Study of Abandonment: Chosen sites

  • The Face of Abandonment: exploring abandonment as a visual form

I did some searches on the abandoned places in Singapore and made a list of sites I was comfortable documenting:

Bukit Timah Railway station, Keppel Hill Reservoir, Mount Serapong, Istana Woodneuk, Dakota Crescent

A useful site which updates on the accessibility

I further narrowed down to 3 places using these 2 factors:

  1. Accessibility and safety
  2. Uniqueness of site
  3. History

Chosen sites are Bukit Timah Railway station, Dakota Crescent and Keppel Hill Reservoir.

Bukit Timah Railway Station


  • Accessible and open to public
  • announced conservation in 2011, part of ‘Rail Corridor’
  • The first railway in Singapore, constructed in 1903 and subsequently bought by Malaysia’s KTM
  •  Unique architecture of identifiable cast iron railway bridge

Dakota Crescent


  •  built by the colonial government’s SIT organisation in 1958
  •  substantial history and has many valuable architectural styles which cannot be found in the modern public housing estates anymore
  •  various unique architectural elements of British architectural styles

Keppel Hill Reservoir