Micro-project III: Disembodied – Pixel8


My Disembodied Micro-project is entitled Pixel8 or rather Pixellate. Reason being, when I was fiddling around with the Max7 patch, I realised that it could duplicate my main image into many smaller ones while still retaining the basic outline of my figure and that piqued my interest.

I started thinking about old school arcade games and computers in which the displays were simple images in the form of pixels (much unlike our HD videos today). Then, I thought about how I loved to play Super Mario on my GameBoy device when I was younger and how the low-fi graphics did not bother me (as much as it would today. I’d be pissed if graphics were low resolution).

The pixels were formed as a product of many vertical and horizontal repetitions of my image and the “loading screen-esque” movements was achieved by simply waving my arms in front of my webcam like a maniac. I performed a short skit of what a Super Ruzana game would look like. I do realise that my game doesn’t look very fun to play as compared to Super Mario 😛 but I indeed had fun creating the poses and experimenting with the different elements on Max that created this chain of effects.

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