Micro-Project IV: Telematic Embrace


This post comes a little late cause the most frustrating thing that can ever happen when working with digital files happened to me – i lost my screenshot. OK, I didn’t quite lose it – I’m pretty sure its somewhere in my hard drive but I can’t quite figure out where it is so I was unable to post my entry for awhile 🙁

Undeterred by my minor setback, I asked MJ if he would be keen to try out the telematic embrace once more with me over Adobe Connect. However, – another minor setback- we realised that without Randall, the administrator online, we couldn’t turn on our video cameras. Thus, we made do with Skype (and still had problems split-screening the graphics).

All that aside, we managed to read a book together in the virtual space!


p/s: many many many thanks to MJ who took some time off his recess week to achieve this with me!


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