Micro Project: Take Home Glitchin’


Can’t get enough of glitching now that I know how to INTENTIONALLY create them 😀 hahaha. There’s something about the unexpected outcome that appeals to me. Unlike Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign that I work with everyday, I have no control over what happens to my image. Well, i do – just that I’m not completely certain what adding a “&%^21340” or duplicating an entire chunk of text and placing it somewhere else in the image data on TextEdit would do. Using my picture from eons ago, I set out to get glitchin’… hoping and praying at least some part of my face will be untouched cos I do wanna make the end result my profile pic 😀

So here’s what the unglitched photo looks like:


Now the fun begins…


Don’t know what I did but it took out a large chunk of the photo and left it all black for some reason. Not a look I was going for so I undid it and tried again..


This time it was prettier. The chunk is a textured blue. My face is gone though..


Now I have multiple bodies. Still no face. Let’s see if I can get my face back…




This outcome looks like my picture actually went into a shredder.. and quite possibly a bleach bath.


My last and final outcome; I’m liking this 😀




One thought on “Micro Project: Take Home Glitchin’

  1. Fantastic! Part of the essence of glitch is not knowing what you are doing, the surprises, the accidents. Glitch is way of not being able to predict the outcome. When the outcome is predictable, it’s not longer glitch, it’s a filter or an effect. So what you are enjoying here is the inability to control the unexpected aberrations, that often turn out more interesting than anything you could have planned!

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