OSS Symposium: Mobile Cam Part I



Mj & I met on our Adobe Connect phone apps twice during the OSS Symposium: Mobile Cam exercise. I will be addressing the encounters in 2 parts as it was only after our first session did we find out that our faces are not supposed to be in the frames – and our cameras were supposed to be pointed the other way.


Connect Session #1: 16 March 2015, Monday

I started giving MJ a tour of my dorm room in NTU Pioneer Hall.


MJ moved on to show me the master bedroom in his home – and I showed him my side of my hall room.


I found it difficult to take a screenshot on my Sony Z2 smartphone cause you’re required to press 2 buttons at once; and it was difficult for me to do that while still being in focus. I kept fumbling and pressing the wrong buttons – primarily the volume control button that is just above the screenshot button hahaha.


We then moved on to our corridors…


and then proceeded to show each other the view outside our windows (my balcony in hall)Screenshot_2015-03-16-20-14-20

MJ went down the stairs and I took the lift (totally forgetting that my data connection would be cut off)Screenshot_2015-03-16-20-23-09

but we still managed to reconvene again downstairs though Adobe Connect lagged quite a lot…Screenshot_2015-03-16-20-21-07

The whole time while we were downstairs, MJ froze when he was looking down – I could still hear him talking but he wasn’t moving an inch. P/S: I took the opportunity to take a selfie with a frozen MJ! hahahahaScreenshot_2015-03-16-20-24-59

Part II of this post will be posted up after MJ and I meet again on Adobe Connect – this time turning our cameras the right way round…

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  1. Aren’t we venturing into a whole new realm of communications. Actually, it is not so new, we are busy having mediated communications everyday. So then how is this different from those everyday communications? Perhaps you are not using Adobe Connect, but you might be using Skype, or you might be texting, or you might be using Facetime. Here, in fact, aren’t we taking a closer look at the medium itself? We are not just communicating, we are trying to understand the very nature of Webcam mediated communications.

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