OSS Symposium: Mobile Cam Part II


OSS Adobe Connect Mobile Cam with MJ: Part II

As mentioned, this is our second attempt using the Adobe Connect app platform on our mobile phones. We showed each other the overview of our rooms; MJ was at home and I was in my room in NTU hall.

We then showed each other what we were doing prior to being online – MJ was writing his hyperessay #2 and I was making pages for my CVE class submission.


We showed each other the artwork on our walls of our rooms…


And even our beds…


And not forgetting our snuggle buddies!Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-30-13

Then we both opened our closets;



And showed each other our perspectives from where we stood.


And included our hands in the presentation…


And we both went back to doing what we were doing after logging off the app 🙂


3 thoughts on “OSS Symposium: Mobile Cam Part II

  1. What a beautiful portrait of your personal space! Isn’t it ironic that while people often criticize online communications for not having the intimacy of face-to-face, in fact, you have proved them all wrong! This tour / sharing of your space has the kind of quiet and giving quality as though you were leading each other physically through the space. Although you did this in Singapore in relatively close proximity, it could have just as easily been transmitted across the world. Sharing personal space, habits, work, etc. via the Net certainly makes the world a smaller place!

  2. helen

    great work! 🙂 as you can see, when you turn the camera around and show us your environment, we can learn more about you & feel more connected than when we see your face. it gives the viewer the feeling of being “you”, we are seeing with your eyes (the camera) what you are seeing. “you” become a little bit mysterious, because we don’t see “you”, but at the same time more familiar because we feel like we are “you”. the perspective we see of your feet and hands is as if we are looking at our own feet & hands.

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