Soundscape: Little Drummer Boy x Ruzana’s Walk







My father is bringing me out to the fair in the city to drum along with him!
Great, I’m sick of this small village – everyone snaps at me for making noise.
Why can’t they understand that all I wanna do is beat my drum.
I don’t wanna be making haystacks or pick up firewood.
One day, I beat my drum a little too loud as we were walking through a forest…
I’m afraid now I can never drum again. All I wanna do is forget the assault.



I stood in front of my shoe rack and spent a few minutes staring at all my shoes; slippers, sandals, trainers, boots, heels — I chose the noisiest ones. These are my Miista Esi Suede Leather oxfords that I’m trying to wear in. I knew for a fact they make so much noise as they hit the pavement – PERFECT!



I walk round the perimeter of my student accommodation here in NTU, Pioneer Hall and started thinking of what I wanted my story to be like. As my heels kiss the ground, i hear:


Sounds like music; Sounds like the beating of drums. So i told the dramatic story about the Little Drummer Boy and his father, accompanied by the clacking of my lucite heel in replacement of the beating of a drum.

There was construction nearby and lots of these manhole covers. Thought they would make for interesting atmospheric noise for the soundscape. Used the noisy bits to add drama to the story I was crafting. 😛

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