Micro-project V – My Desktop World






I’d like to think that my computer desktop is indeed an extension of myself. My folders are arranged in neat rows on the left of my screen while my menu appears on the right when my mouse hovers over. I have everything I need for the semester in their own individual folders; much like how I would treat actual paperwork. I would file my handouts and notes in a clear folder after every class. In a sense, I could be OCD, but this system keeps me grounded helps me function and keeps me on top of things. I have had to borrow my friends laptops and some of them do not have their folders snapped to a grid; hence, the folders are everywhere as they reign free from grid or any form of hierarchy – rather unpleasant for someone like me to navigate cos it irks me that there is no structure to things and where they go. I also like to personalise and customise my desktop as much as I can ; so instead of the default blue folders that Mac creates, mine are pink and some even have skulls as icons – I changed them using an app called CandyBar.

My wallpaper is an old picture of my friends from high school and I at our high school reunion. This picture is really dear to me as its the last time we got together. Faatin, who is in the middle of this picture is in the UK studying architecture while Siti, the one on the extreme right is on exchange in Oslo, Norway. Polka dots are also my favourite pattern (as you can see from my top in this picture) so that’s a plus!

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 11.47.38 PM


As mentioned, I absolutely hate it when things are not in its place and look what happened when my Adobe Illustrator was handling a big file; it wasn’t responsive, created all these strange blue, green and grey markings on my document and crashed soon after. Perfect example of me when I’m bombarded with too much — I crash!

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 11.31.11 AM