Assignment3: Retelling Myths

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念桃-The Peach Blossom Spring

PG | Sci-Fi | Coming Soon

Adapted from: The Peach Blossom Spring (‘桃花源记’)

The Peach Blossom Spring (Chinese: 桃花源記; pinyin: Táohuā Yuán; literally: “Source of the Peach Blossoms”, also translated as “(The Record of) the Peach Blossom”), or Peach Blossom Spring Story or The Peach Blossom Land, was a fable by Tao Yuanming in 421 about a chance discovery of an ethereal utopia where the people lead an ideal existence in harmony with nature, unaware of the outside world for centuries.




In the future world where there is only human-beings living lonely, a little girl grows a small ‘green monster’ and it makes a huge change to the world.



Nian Tao (Chinese: 念桃, which means “missing the peach”) : She is a quiet and introverted girl who is born in the Wonder City. She likes to be alone and she is always bullied by the other youngsters. At the same time, she can be brave when she has to protect what she treasures.

Yaya (Chinese: 丫丫): It is an artificial intelligence pet owned by Nian Tao. It is able to talk to people and also to search for information from the internet. It is the mentor of Niao Tao. It has emotions and it knows a lot.


“Do you want to live alone?”



The story takes place in Wonder City during the 90th Century. 1000 years before, a powerful virus had broke out and killed all the living things on Earth except several human beings. The whole world became a bleak desert. To survive, all the remaining humans gathered and together, they formed Wonder City, a city located in the former East Asia. Luckily, the technology then was developed enough so that people are able to generate food and water using molecular technology. Now, the city has transformed into a mini country with a functional government and a population of a million. The citizens dared not venture out of the city, as everyone had believed that it is dangerous out there.

Nian Tao (Chinese: 念桃, which means “missing the peach”) is a girl who is born in the Wonder City. She is a quiet and introverted girl. Because of that, she is always bullied by the others and what she can do is only running away. She has an artificial intelligence pet called Yaya (Chinese: 丫丫). Instead of partying like the other youngsters, she prefers wandering around the city with Yaya, looking for interesting stuff even though everything in the city is man-made.

One day, Nian Tao enters an abandoned factory. At a corner of the factory, she finds a little bud. She is surprised by the growth of the little plant, as she has never seen anything like that. After a discussion with Yaya, she decides to keep the secret in the heart and grow the plant by herself.

With the help of Yaya, she successfully grows the bud into a little tree. Yaya tells her that it is called a ‘peach tree’ and it used to be very common thousands of years ago. She treats the special plant as her friend by sharing her secrets with it and taking good care of it. Day by day, the tree grows taller and taller and begins to bloom. All these changes surprise Nian Tao and she enjoys the time that she spends with the tree.

At the same time, she has to think of how to prevent others from finding the tree. She tries to collect all the leaves and branches that the tree has shed and bury them in the factory. Also, she realizes that only she can protect her gentle tree friend, so that she starts to be braver and try to fight against those who bully her.

One day, after being bullied badly by her classmates, Nian Tao ran to the factory with tears. She sits under the tree crown, hugs the trunk and cries out. Suddenly, she finds something drops on the floor in front of her – it is a peach. Yaya tells her the peach is the most important gift from the tree. She smells the peach and smiles through tears.

Suddenly, a group of policemen barged into the factory and tries to destroy the ‘green monster’. Nian Tao was subsequently arrested for trying to protect the tree.

Professionals and government officers are discussing how to deal with the tree. Afraid that the ‘green monster’ will bring viruses to the city and a similar disaster as before would once again occur, they decide to burn the tree and expel Nian Tao from Wonder City, though in the jail, Niao Tao argues that the tree is not harmful.

Nian Tao is sent outside the city with a peach hidden in her pocket. The tree is burnt, After that, Yaya escapes from the city secretly to look for its owner. Soon, people forgot about this incident.

200 years later, scientists find a huge sand storm approaching Wonder City. It was predicted that the storm would destroy the city shortly. Miraculously, however, the sandstorm was stopped by something before hitting Wonder City. To find out what had protected the city, a group of adventurers were sent out to investigate.

Upon stepping out, they see a huge peach tree forest with pink blossoms blowing in the wind.

They find an outdated artificial intelligence, but no one can reactive it,

Nobody knows what these huge green ‘monsters’ are.

Nobody knows who creates them.

Everybody believes they are the creation of god.



Author: Wang Ruotong

Puss in green screen.

2 thoughts on “Assignment3: Retelling Myths”

  1. Your story had a takeaway that I feel will resonate strongly within our generation, as we are undergoing a lot of changes in perception between what’s worked for us in the past and also what’s morally right. Your adaptation of the story and turning it into a dystopia instead of a utopia, would also make your story more relevant in terms of what the audience would want to see in the cinemas nowadays!

    I like your poster too, it encapsulates the innocence and good spirit of the main character and the nod to your original tale as well! Pretty good job on the overall 🙂

  2. Hi Ruotong, I really like the protagonist of your story. She greatly reminds me of Clarisse from Fahrenheit 451 and Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series in that she deviates from and questions the ‘norm’.

    However, I find that her character is not being developed or fleshed out enough – as she was still being bullied and forced to part from her peach tree. In all sense, she stays as a passive character throughout the story, which is a pity. Also, it is rather odd that Nian Tao’s AI pet could have known that the plant was a peach tree when the government officials and police haven’t a clue.

    Just my two cents. I still really like the story!! 🙂

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