Proposal for Research Paper


Claim: Qin tomb art is one of the peaks of the Chinese sculpture art, as it features every single people’s emotion and action well; every sculpture has its own characteristic.


  • Introduction to tomb art
  • Background
  • Qin is the first dynasty when China is united. Hence, they have a powerful and stable economy and political structure.
  • People then believed and took care of their afterlives.
  • Propaganda: emperor was willing to use it to show his power of the country.
  • It makes Qin dynasty’s tomb art to be a remarkable form of art in the Chinese art history.



Why it is remarkable?

  • Large quantity
  • High Quality
  • Focus on details (hair, beard)
  • Different characteristics for different soldiers



Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.33.12 PM


  • Material
  • Ration to the real person (1:1)
  • Detailed hair and clothes



  • Gestures
  • Emotions
  • Clothes & hairstyle



  • Every figure has its own appearance and emotion.
  • They are distinct in details like hair, clothes.
  • Different clothes indicate different classes.

All these details make Qin terracotta figures remarkable in the Chinese art history.



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Zhang, Wenli. The Qin terracotta army: treasures of Lintong. Philip Wilson Publishers, Limited, 1996.

Author: Wang Ruotong

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  1. This is a good start but the claim about the peak of Chinese art is a bit grand and broad. Let’s try to make it more specific.

    The introduction needs to discuss more what is tomb art. Then, it can zoom into the Qin tomb warriors. Right now, the introduction has too many claims. Please try to follow the sample I shared with you in class today.

    Rather than asking why they are remarkable, perhaps you can rephrase your question and make it a claim. The quantity and the details indicate …

    So, you will have three body paragraphs? There needs to be a point in your similarities paragraph that will support your main idea. The same goes for your differences paragraph.

    We need to work more on your bibliography.

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