Foundation 3D Project 4: Individual Mood Box

So we were placed into various groups for the 4th project and were tasked to create a sound piece with some musical instruments provided.

I was sorted into Group A with the following members:

  1. Tricia
  2. Dhanu
  3. Jia Yi
  4. Ryan

And these are the 2 sound pieces that we have came up with:


Using the first sound piece as the music model for my Mood Box, I constructed this:

Front view
Side view (right)
Back view
Side view (left)
Top-down view

Model Analysis

Here’s the sound piece again:

It consists of 5 instruments listed according to the time they appear:

  1. Scrubbing blocks
  2. Scrapping blocks
  3. Xlylophone
  4. Humming
  5. Sand shaker
Analysis 1


  • Scrubbing blocks


  • The scrubbing starts off soft then gets louder and louder with time.
  • The rhythmic movement of the scrubbing is shown from the waves that gets progressively bigger with time as the sound gets louder
Analysis 2


  • Scrapping blocks (Shown in blue)


  • The sound of the scrapping blocks has a sharp feel to it as if it is jutting into the sound composition
  • This is portrayed through the green plastic pieces being pierced into the art card, disrupting the flow of the model


  • Xylophone (Shown in pink)


  • The tone of the xylophone sounds smooth and lingers for a while before disappearing
  • This is shown in the model through long smooth strips being cut into the art card
  • The shape of the strips start off sharp, becomes larger in the middle then ends of sharply, echoing the rhythm of each beat of the xylophone
Analysis 3


  • Humming by Jia Yi (Shown in peach)


  • Jia Yi’s humming sounds circulatory and is thus represented by a spiraling metal wire


  • Sand Shaker (Shown in purple)


  • The whole sound piece ends with this sand shaker and is thus being portrayed by a plastic wheel rolling at the end of the model
  • The texture of the plastic wheel is pierced with holes, mirroring the sound of sand being rough and irregular


In all, even though the model did represent each instrument of the sound piece through it’s different parts, it did not adhere to the set expectations of portraying the number of beats for each instrument.

However, it still looks visually exciting as it can be seen as a course for skaters in a skate park.

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