Assignment 1-Research and Process

4D Assignment 1-Research and Process


Rinko Kawauchi, a photographer from Japan. Kawauchi as a photographer has developed the skill to create poetic moments and purity from everyday objects. As I decided to choose an apple as my object. So I was also trying to achieve what she does in her images to create a beautiful picture out of an ordinary object, with a light, pastel tone and shallow depth of field. That is also the reason why I chose the plain white background.

I have also inspired  by another Japanese photographer and director, Mika Ninagawa. She is known for  her vibrant and brightly coloured photographs. In her works, I can see that she is an expert of using high saturated colours. Her unique photography technique creates a fantastic world and the result is extremely wonderful.


Apple was the first one appeared in my mind when I was thinking about an object to represent myself. For me, apple is not just a kind of fruit, it is one of the necessities of my daily life since I was a child. It does accompany me for quite a long time.

I have been obsessed with the choice of colours of the apple. Comparing to the red one, I decided to choose a green apple instead in the end, as colour also help to convey the message. Red is an intense colour, it is not only associated with meanings of love and passion but also some contrary meanings of rage, danger and temptation. Green brings with it a sense of hope, health and growth. In addition, green apples usually taste sourer than red ones. I want to use it to show that I am trying to step out my comfort zone and accept the sour in my life.

For the location of my world, library is a place that is significant to me. During my childhood, I spent most of my time to go there to study with my friends. Therefore, I decided to take photos of the library in NTU.

Here is a part of experimental photos that I did not choose as the final images. I have tried various vantage point. I cannot see clearly what I want to express through these images.





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