F4D Assignment 2-Sequencing Images

F4D Assignment 2-Sequencing Images

Group member: Christina, Esther, Vania, Yan Ran




This is a story about Vania and her long-lost friend Smita. After high school, they separated because Smita decided to fly to London for university study. However, when they accidentally met each other again, things changed……




We tried to generate the storyline by following the 3 Act Structure. And Special thanks to Christina for creating the storyboard.


Task 1 – Sequencing Images



We kept changing different locations, attires and props. And we had a lot of experimental shots to help us find out a better angle or a better movement to tell the story. The shooting process wasn’t that simple, but we did have a lot of fun! Special thanks to our talented actresses Esther and Vania!



Leon-the Professional (1994), which is one of my favourites movies. I can watch it over and over again, and never get bored. It tells a story between a professional hitman Leon and a 12-year-old girl Mathilda.We can see the photo of the victim from the reflection of his sunglasses.


Focus on the shoes of the character; we can also see the position and distance between the room of Leon and the room of Matilda’s family. 
Close-up shot for the clock to show that something gonna happen. 

We see the hand of the hitman first instead of seeing his face. 

Rule of thirds 

Some other techniques we used in our photos, such as

Two-point perspective/Medium shot

Long shot/Horizontal line

Diagonal line

We used colour images to show the present and B&W images to show the flashback; used close-up shots to show the details or convey the feeling and emotion of the character; used long shots to show the environment.


As there were too many coincidences and disconnections happened in the first storyline, after consultation, we tried to make some changes in our storyline to make the story more logical, clearer and smoother.

When we were not able to find a proper ‘gun’……

We borrowed a glue gun from Jingyi. 🙂

And photoshopped it into a real one!!! Special thanks to Christina for her magical work. 🙂

Problem solved!

-Photo Story 


Task 2 – Sequencing Images with sound



I have to say that the sound does help the video make sense. Sometimes, it can tell the story itself even without the image. The part of choosing and editing sound was another difficulty that I faced during this assignment. It took me a lot of time to find a right sound from the tons of resources online. For some specific scenes, we also recorded the sound ourselves.


I got inspiration from this movie clip of The Godfather that we watched in class, a sound of a passing train was thundering outside when Michael was in the toilet to represent the terrible thoughts were occurring in his mind and racing heart.  Meanwhile, the train sound also helped to emphasise the tense atmosphere. The same sound returned when Michael sat back down at the table, and it became louder and louder, then, he pulled out the gun.

I used the church bell sound at both the beginning and ending part in my video to convey the audience an information that someone is dying, actually, there was no church bell in my video. In addition, I also used the clock sound effect at the beginning to show that Smita was on her mission, and when she got brainwashed, she was just like a cold-blooded killing machine. 


It also took me a lot of time to choose photos and arrange them in a ‘right’ sequence because our story was a little bit complicated, . For the part of ending flashback, Smita got all her memory back at the moment she hit her head and saw the watch around Vania’s wrist. I decided to shorten the duration of each frame to show that everything was back together into her mind in a flash.

Here comes the FINAL VIDEO!


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