Assignment 2 – Forrest Gump

“My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

We were briefed for Assignment 2 immediately after the completion of our markmaking assignment. I was actually looking forward to completing this assignment because it involves the process of silkscreening, which I have heard of but have never done before.

Our first step to this assignment was to find movie quotes. Being a avid movie-watcher, I had some difficulties trying to narrow down 4 quotes from movies that I liked. Initially, I had the impression that we were supposed to design something that ties back to the actual movie itself. Because of this, I shortlisted many complex and long quotes, such as:

“Empty chairs at empty tables,

Where my friends will sit no more.”


“We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.”


After clarifying with Shirley, I started changing my angle and tried looking for quotes that were shorter and more literal. After looking through iMBD, Rotten Tomatoes and other websites, I finally decided on using these 4 movie quotes:

The Devil watches over his own – Fury, 2014

Shelter me. Comfort me. – Les Misérables, 2012

Men my age made this war. – Dunkirk, 2017

I am a golden god! – Almost Famous, 2000

I chose these quotes mainly because I wanted to interpret the quotes differently from the context of the movie that it was extracted from. This way, it’ll change things up and make the design a lot more unique and give it multiple interpretations.


I chose the design for the movie quote from Fury to be printed on the tote bag. Here’s the process!

After labelling the silkscreen, I coated the silkscreen with emulsion and left it to dry in the dryer.

After it dries, I pasted my design (printed on a transparency) on the silkscreen, keeping note of the direction of which i want my design to turn up as. The silkscreen is then put into a machine for the print to be transferred over.

After afew minutes, the silkscreen is removed and sprayed down to wash away the excess dried up emulsion, revealing the design!! I went to the sink to scrub the silkscreen to make sure the design is crisp and clean.

While waiting for the silkscreen to dry in the drier, I ironed my tote bag to ensure a smooth printing.

I removed the silkscreen, and taped the sides down to make sure the ink that will be transferred on later, does not dirty the silkscreen frame.

I practised the silkscreen printing on some newsprint paper first before doing it on the actual tote bag. After afew tries, I washed the silkscreen and dried it again to remove the ink that has collected on the silkscreen.

I placed the silkscreen nicely on the tote bag, making sure it is centralised. Then, I poured ink on the top of the design.

With the help of Chloe to hold the silkscreen down for me (THANKS AGAIN CHLOE!!), I transferred the design onto the tote bag!! It was really scary because I only had one bag to design on, and had to go out to buy another one if i were to screw up :,)

Here’s the final product! It turned out okay, though the texture in the background did not really come out very obviously.

Here’s the tote bag, along with the other designs that I’ve printed out and submitted during the presentation!



The Devil watches over his own — Fury, 2014

I took this meaning a little more  literal. I used the negative and positive space to portray an obvious difference between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’, while also inserting wings, horns and tails on the demons. The 2 falling characters is supposed to show how the Devil (arm) only keeps his own alive, and leaves the others (humans) left to fend on their own.

I felt that what best represents and differentiate a devil is by it’s long fingers and fingernails, thus, the bulk of the design is taken up by the negative space of a very distorted arm rising from the ground. Other features of the devil is a pair of wings, a tail and horns, which has been incorporated into the 2 demons climbing on top of the arm.

One challenge I had to overcome while doing this design is finding an appropriate image of a devil’s arm to incorporate into the design. I had to use Photoshop to clean up the design of the arm that I found.


Shelter Me, Comfort Me — Les Misérables, 2012

What i visually imagined from this quote is a girl that looks fine on the surface, but has a lot of dangerous thoughts in my mind that eats her up on the inside ‘ The quote ‘shelter me, comfort me’ is supposed to be referring to her inner demons that she wants to be protected from. Negative and positive space is also used here.

My initial idea was actually to make a place of refuge for a human figure by playing with negative and positive space, using the opened mouths of dangerous animals, but it didn’t turn out nice.


I am a golden god! — Almost Famous, 2000

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the phrase without context was, what do i consider being godly as? To me, many people in this generation use their materialistic desires as an ultimate short-termed ‘goal’. Once they achieve what they want, they will be satisfied, until the next trendy thing comes about. Thus, this design is supposed to depict a person aiming to become a ‘Golden God’ by striving towards his own materialistic goal. To him, only the item, in this case, the sneakers, matters to him, and the coins, though valuable, doesn’t mean anything to him.


Men my age made this war – Dunkirk, 2017

Without context, ‘men my age’ would be considered young adults, which are also commonly nicknamed as part of the ‘strawberry generation’, thus the incorporation of a strawberry.

The best way to represent war is to layer war machines and create repetitiveness, which explains the jets flying together in formation, and the tanks all lined up.

One challenge that I faced is the design coming off as too grey, with not enough dark and light tones. I had to add filters to the different layers in order to make emphasis on certain subjects.


Assignment 2

My sequential image story revolves around a pair of shoes that mysteriously disappears.

The strategic placement of the images shows some flow of actions, time and space by the protagonist of the story.

The sudden change in saturation also shows the amount of concentration and focus the protagonist had towards her work, such that she didn’t notice anyone outside taking her shoes.

Why did only that pair of shoes disappear? Where did it go? Why was it returned? Why is it suddenly so much more dirty than when the owner last left it? These are some of the questions that are left for the viewers to interpret by themselves.