Assignment 3: Ego in Different Settings

This is the last assignment for Foundation 2D, and definitely also the toughest  one to create. With colours now included as a new element to integrate into our work, I was challenged to find a way to use it to help better tell the 4 stories.

This was the final piece of work that I submitted and presented!


The first step i took was to think of how to characterise myself, as well as the conceptualising of the 4 different situations.

This was my initial idea:

  1. Me as a dog + Going to the gym = become buff dog
  2. Me as a dog + Travelling in a hot air balloon while puking = enjoying my holiday
  3. Me as a donut + many people surrounding me and towering over me = Going back to my comfort zone (with my ingredients- flour, sugar, butter, egg, etc)
  4. Me as a tshirt + at the swimming pool = I absorb all the water and sink to the bottom

After the first round of consultation with Shirley, I realised that my situations and method of visualising the situations were too direct. This draws the fun away from me as an artist while creating the artpiece, as well as for the viewers. I had quite a lot of difficulty to step out of the box to think of more conventional ways of telling my story, even after doing research on things that were related to the depicted situation. I sat down with my consultation group (Chloe, Persisca and Frederick) and discussed my ideas with them. They were really nice and helpful with their comments and suggestions, which ultimately resulted in me deriving at my final concept.

I roughly sketched out my idea for the 12 boxes, after coming up with the finalised characters and situations.
After further consultation, I redid some of the sketches and came up with initial colour scheme for the situations.

Next, I came up with the medium of which I would use to create my work.

I was inspired by the technology of augmented reality and virtual reality, specifically, how certain devices could allow people to see superimposed things on top of reality.


This method of using mixed media is more unique, and places more focus on the main subject in frame, while still making the artpiece ‘relatable’ to the viewers, with a real background that captures and showcases time and space in the frame. Thus, I decided to use pictures as backgrounds, and draw out vectors of the main figures of the frames in illustrator, using a wacom pad.

Another difficulty faced was at this point of time, where I had some trouble trying to find suitable images to use for my frames. Most of the images that I have used were from my old iPhone photo gallery (luckily I was a very trigger-happy person 3-4 years ago and liked taking pictures of literally anything and everything around me). However, for the frames by which I cannot find appropriate images to use, I took my own pictures using my phone, in the comfort of my hall.

Here are some examples of the images I’ve taken ( 1st-3rd image), and images that I have dug out from years ago that I have shortlisted (4th-6th image)


Next, I finalised the colour schemes used for each situation.


For the first situation, i chose analogous colours, as it is the natural colours of corn. It also represents harmony and growth of myself (as corn) from being a pre-genetically modified version of corn, to that of post-genetically modified form.


For the second situation, I chose the triadic colours scheme, consisting of the primary colours yellow, red and blue. This is representative of Superman, which hints at adventure, excitement and thrill. I toned the colours a little more dull in order to not make the main figure contain too many colours that are too contrasting with each other.



For the third situation, I chose the split complementary colour scheme, using the different shares of green and yellow to paint the alcohol bottles at the party, and used purple (a lighter shade) to depict me as a baby milk bottle. The colour purple will stand out in the sea of green and yellow, which will further help show how I stand out from the rest of the people in the crowd.

PRIMARY COLOURS (specifically, Red and Blue)

For my last situation, I chose Red and Blue as my 2 main colours used. Both colours, though not opposite of each other on the colour wheel, represents two very different emotions. Red (me), symbolises energy and vibrance, and blue (other people, siblings) symbolises being calm and cool. In the story, the use of colours will come off as ironic when the viewers will see how I will be depicted as someone that sits aside, while my siblings will be the one having a lot of fun together without me.




Now, here’s the final product of this assignment! (click on the image to blow it up to a larger size!)

Wild corn, goes to the gym, become buff and more ‘genetically modified’

I chose corn because it well represents my before and after the gym looks. On one hand, before i started exercising, I was thin, frail and ‘underdeveloped’. The after picture is represented by me as a modern day corn, with additional arm muscles to emphasise on how much I have change just because of exercising, and shiny stars to show how sculpted and perfected the current body is (even though it’s just an exaggeration of reality hahah!!)

I love holidays, but I hate they journey to travel there. How I wish there was a teleporting machine!

I’ve chosen a dog to represent me. This choice of character makes it easier to showcase my contrasting feelings towards not liking to travel in the second frame (the dog is peeing), and loving to be overseas. What’s interesting about this one is that (with the approval of Shirley), I used a minus sign instead of a plus sign for this situation. It is possible for me to rearrange and slightly alter the content of this situation to apply the use of a plus sign, but I feel with a minus sign, the message of loving to travel BUT not liking the journey to a destination will definitely reach across stronger and have a bigger impact.


A shy baby bottle, thrown into a room with adults. I handle it by faking my confidence till I make it.

I chose a baby bottle to represent me as a very small, quiet and innocent being in comparison to other people (represented by alcohol bottles), whom, based off the choice of using alcohol bottles to represent them, make them look like chatty socialites. This contrast in symbolism + colour helps to bring out the story. Furthermore, I stuck a liquor label on the last frame of this situation, on the actual A1 sheet that I presented with. Instead of drawing the label on, by sticking the actual into frame instead, it better brings the point across. (Please refer to the first picture from this post to see the frame with the sticker placed nicely on top! Click the image to enlargen.) One of the corner of the sticker was purposefully not stuck down to the frame properly, to show how homemade my ‘confidence’ was.


A life buoy, visiting the swimming pool with my family, but is the only one not having fun.

I chose the red life buoy to represent me as (as mentioned earlier), there is irony placed in the choice of colours for myself in comparison to other people and my siblings. Irony also lies at how even me as a life buoy, can still sink down to the bottom of the pool.




I can sincerely say that although this particular assignment was the most tedious, tough and MOST EXPENSIVE (?)of the 3, I enjoyed working on this one the most, as I feel that this assignment really gives us the freedom to express ourselves in any way you want, with as few restrictions as possible. All in all, I really had a lot of fun attending 2D class, and have learnt so much from Shirley, my classmates, and the group presentations on design elements (happened towards the start of the semester), that will definitely be applicable to my work, no matter what specialisation I’ll choose next semester. I really hope to have Shirley teach me again!! ?