Title Sequence

The first few seconds of a movie is crucial as it can determine whether your audience is going to stay and watch on, or skip to another film. The use of an engaging title sequence is one great way of hooking them.

One example of a brilliant title sequence in my opinion, is one from the TV Series “Power”, with executive producer 50 Cent.

The use of mostly items and object to hint at what the TV show is about is brilliant at using semiotics to set the tone and mood for both first-time viewers of the show and avid watchers. Its simple nature and high contrast further helps this title sequence pack a punch.

In regards to the made-up movie, I have decided to have it in the mystery/thriller genre, targeted towards adults between ages 16-45. The following is a short write-up on the content of the movie.

Being the youngest daughter of the wealthiest family in the city, Pamela tries to move away from the lavish yet overprotected life and make a name for herself. With the help of her trusted friends, she has to learn how to differentiate between her loyal business partners and scheming snakes.

Having being inspired from the above title sequence, the title sequence for this movie will also be black and white, however one main difference is the incorporation of cinemagraphy into the title sequence. The contrast of movement and lack thereof in one single frame will be able to further emphasise to the viewers the kind of life that Pamela has been living; all eyes are always on her, and she constantly feels as if the world is revolving around her.


Below is a moodboard for the movie.