Animatic – Noah’s Ark

The story of Noah’s Ark with a twist.

Noah decides to build a boat out of nowhere. Not understanding the source of his inspiration, the villagers tease him about him. Despite feeling discouraged, he continues on until completion. He falls asleep on the boat, only to wake up in the middle of a flood. One would think that he’d be relieved, but he goes on to show how unprepared for the flood he actually was.

The story is supposed to be a quick entertainment bite, hence the duration of the film. I wanted to make it straight to the point, because I feel based on my past projects, I tend to be very draggy.


Initially I wanted to just do a basic rendition of Noah’s ark. Halfway into Assignment 3, I felt that the story could be given a little twist – I mean, everyone knows the original story of Noah’s ark, so it’ll be a little tough to make my animatic stand out from the rest if my storyline itself is already unappealing. Hence, the twist.

Some of the sound effects were placed such that it started before the visuals appeared, this is just to set the scene. The drawings were purposely made ’not very clean’, simply for style. I also chose to use fade as a transition from frame to frame/to black, because of the change of scene and to show the passing of time.

I converted the panels from my previous assignment into frames with proper sizing (1920 x 1080), and drew additional scenes, cuts, expressions and backgrounds in order to piece the different shots together. This was done with digital painting with Alena’s wacom (<3).

From there, I brought everything over from illustrator to after effects and did the animation there. I included sound effects to enhance the storytelling, since there was no dialogue at all.


I feel that by adding music, it might better portray the tone of the animatic. Also, some of the sound effects sounded a little too cheesy to me, the animatic might come out a little better if more realistic sound effects were used.


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