Assignment 1

Before editing
After editing


For this particular assignment, I have taken almost a hundred pictures of my friends. This was taken at a bar at novena, and I strategically chose a seat near a pillar with fairy lights, to make the image look more magical. Out of all the subjects that I have taken pictures of, I chose Gerald to be my main subject, as I feel he was more expressive in my pictures.

I have selected this image of Gerald as it best portrays our relationship – being able to enjoy ourselves over a beer or two and laugh about even the most minute things. In fact, it was this exact day that would be the last time in a very long time where my group of friends and I will be able to come together, as many of them would be flying overseas to pursue their studies.

After uploading this image to Photoshop, I filtered the image to make it more cool, and enhanced Gerald’s teeth and eyes to make them pop and give him more life. I also cropped the image to place the subject using the rules of third.

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  1. A great moment, his smile  – and the portrait itself feels very natural and the location also works nicely. As for the light, if you would have staged the image, I recommend a reflector or brightener as the face is quite dark. The editing could be more refined as the beer also became quite ‘pale’.

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