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Time Device

Initial materials & Model structure

The idea is to use water pump to generate water to push the cup that is going to be attached onto each side of the windmill.

Process 1


Process of Making

During the process of making the prototype, we realised that the windmill does not work well and decided to use wooden and plastic sticks to build the main structure instead. We managed to build it and had a test run on it. However, it did not go as well as expected due to the current/power of the water pump and the lightweights of the cups. Thus, we attached small wooden sticks at the bottom of the cups and even reduce the number of cups from 6 to 4 in hopes that it would spin well.  Still, it did not work and we decided to try out various angles to position the cups. Due to much trial and error that we’ve done,  the tape that we used to secure it was no longer strong enough to hold the entire weight of the structure which includes the water that is poured in the cups. By then, I felt frustrated and disappointed as it did not turn out the way that I’ve imagined it to be. The process was long and tedious and I was not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel.

Process 2

Process 3

Process 4


Last Resort 

We decided to just change the material of the entire structure to acrylic instead as it is much sturdier and chances of success is higher than the current one. We managed to laser cut the acrylic and it spins! Like finally.. However, there was a lack in consistency due to the little gaps between the slits that made the water leak. We sealed it with glue and it somehow solved the problem. Yayy!

Process 5


Final Product

In conclusion, I felt a sense of accomplishment as we managed to make it work by making use of the existing materials that we have. Like what we’ve discussed in class, if we have the chance to improve it, we would change to a better material and maybe even change to a stronger water pump that would allow the wheel to spin faster.

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