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Project 1 I Time Mindmap and Proposed Idea


Time Mindmap




There are many instances when I feel that time flies very quickly and vice versa (I’m sure there are other people who feels the same way too, just during different moments based on personal experiences). Thus, I decided to explore on Time Perception as I felt it is an interesting topic that most individuals could relate to in general.

Through my research, I found out that human brain is the core towards how we perceive time. When mental impression is created, it brings about temporal illusions and distortions in the perception of time due to various reasons/experiences. There are different forms of temporal illusions such as the kappa effect (the brain expects constant motion), chronostasis (similar to oddball effect where the brain experiences unusual events that requires it to pay more attention and time to process it),emotional states (happy vs bored) and more.

One of the reason as to why individuals might perceived time to be slow is because when the brain receives a lot of new informations, it takes awhile to fully process it. The longer the process is, the longer the perceived time would be. For instance when one experiences a life threatening event, he would record the experience that he receives and processes it. This mental action requires a lot of attention and time thus, he would perceive time to be longer than it really is. Contrariwise, when the brain do not need to process so much new informations, time would be perceived to be faster as the process is faster.


Therefore, my idea is the play of perception through typography to depict time as something subjective towards individual experience base on the action of looking at illusionary typography posters. Some who have come in contact or are familiar with illusion stuff would be able to process it faster than those who did not. The ultimate idea is to show how individuals perceive time differently based on the different informations that they have processed in their brains.

  1. how will you fuse the research into the posters? do you have an idea of the content of the posters? i like the idea of using typography as you describe and as posted up on pinterest. but what will the content be? Have you found any art works that deal with perception in this way? there are movies of course, Run Lola Run, or perhaps even Momento? as far as dealing with time, memory slowing down speeding up … are you hoping to slow time down? to slow your reader down? to make a shift in perception to alter flow? can you describe in more detail what you hope to achieve and communicate? intriguing!

    • Through this idea, I hope to alter the flow of time by slowing down time through the use of typography illusionary posters (applying different illusionary methods) where the content would revolve around questioning viewers about how they perceive time without looking at a watch/clock or counting (eg. How do you know if 30 sec has passed? How long did you take to figure this out? How long do you think time has passed?)

      The aim of this is to communicate the idea of how typography is linked to time (where fonts, placement of text, colours, etc determines how fast viewers read) and how typography affects viewers’ reaction and perception towards time.

      (I have yet to find any works that uses similar or same method to deal with time perception..)