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Project 1 I Memories and Experiences to Time Perception

Through this talk by Andre Fenton – The Future of Hope (a famous neuroscientist that studies the brain in relation to stored experiences as memories), he covered details of memories (construction/reconstruction of experiences) and mentioned that “your experience determines how you see and understand what is presented to you”. As I reflected upon this, I found it on par to the research that I’ve done and mentioned in the previous post – when the brain do not need to process so much new informations (also means that the brain had experienced same/similar experience before), time would be perceived to be faster as the process is faster.

In another article which talks about Fenton’s incorporation of art to his lab through a table designed by Shuli Sade, where the images applied on the table are distorted and fragmented. This execution reflects well upon how memory works in the brain as he mentioned “memories in the brain are distorted and fragmented. They appear together in this space kind of like how they appear together in your brain”

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In link to memories and experiences to perception of time, The Experience and Perception of Time wrote about memories of events from past experiences that are “accompanied by a feeling of pastness” where emotions could be inclusive towards remembrance of the past.