Urban Screens

Based on the observation of a number urban screens, I realised that most of the screens reflect and highlight the space and its activities while some are an extension of the a certain project. There are few points noted through my readings of The Relationship between People and Urban Space in an Urban Space by Basauli Umar Lubis and Litta Primasari that further emphasis on the above observations.

“Urban screens that display moving images capture the activities and movements of people in public spaces by offering an expansion of space, a virtual space.”

“Indirectly, the space character is formed by what and how the public interacts with the media shown on these screens.”

“The experience of space in the urban space is directly affected by what is seen and how to view it.”

“Vision and motion are interrelated and become important aspects of the interaction between urban space and urban screens.”

“Urban screen helps to shape the movement in urban space.”


On a side note, there is a digital art installation that’s happening at National Museum of Singapore‘s Glass Rotunda on 10 Dec by teamLab that features William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings as well as Robert Zhao’s photography.

Artist's impression of the installation

Artist’s impression of the installation