What is Not Visible is Not Invisible

What is Not Visible is Not Invisible is an exhibition held at the basement level of National Museum of Singapore(NMS). It features contemporary artworks from the French Regional Collections of Contemporary Art (FRAC) and all of the works explores the idea of intangibility as it encourages viewers to interact with it. The title reminded me of a short article I read on Refik Anadol’s 350 Mission Building titled Refik Anadol Turns The Invisible into The Visible as he used invisible data to create the installation that reflects the surrounding environment.

Like what the title describe – What is Not Visible is Not Invisible, similarly what is not observed is not unobserved. Perception of seeing happens within split seconds for one to be able to notice what has just been observed. Thus to bring out the unobservant of one, I was planning to use data based on the interaction people had with the environment (as colours are all around us) within NTU to bring awareness towards colour and its influence to the space around it with the use of processing. However I could not find any of such data on NTU website..

Some images taken from this exhibition that’s somewhat related to my topic.

20161210_113911 20161210_113938 20161210_114024 20161210_114039

I also went to Story of the Forest at NMS. A digital art installation that uses projectors to reflect the animation based on William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings.

20161210_103458 20161210_103517 20161210_103654 20161210_103838 20161210_104027 20161210_104142 20161210_104452 20161210_105047 20161210_105100