For this final project, we were tasked to design an installation structure that consists of a reclining or seating element in a we chose based on an aural memory or a heightened Aural experience from the site. 


We had to do a site analysis and I did it with Sylvia.

Here is the link to our site analysis:

After analysing the site for measurements, circulation path, gathering point, sun direction, etc, we proceeded to the research and development of our installation.

Research & Development

At this stage, we had to design our ideas using only paper cup and at most, one other element if needed. To me, this was probably the most challenging part as I found it tough to develop ideas based on paper cup forms. I decided to just experiment without any drawings nor ideas in mind and just started creating.

Here are my developments:

After consultation, I settled on a particular idea. My lecturer mentioned that the curvature of my installation should be expressed better and hence, instead of straight lines, I decided to go ahead with the twisting element of the sticks.

I chose my materials to be: Balsa Wood, Skewer Bamboo Sticks, and Art Card

Upon attempting my final model, it became clear that I could not go ahead with Balsa Wood as the nature of the wood is too fragile for an expressive curve as it broke.

Hence, I attempted my model with Basswood. I wet this for about 4 hours and shaped it. I made sure to clamp it down and use concentrated heat to shape it into place.

Here is the process through pictures:

Another thing was that I wanted the grills to the seat to be able to slide so that during the day, one can block out the sun whereas during the night, they may slide it open.


Take note that this is a 2-3 seater chair.