1. Firefighter

Analog, Photography, Digital Manipulation

Final Outcome:

2. Hypnotist

Analog, Digital Manipulation


I created a slider and mounted it onto the A3 to allow people to slide the black bar across the design to see the animation.

View Animated Effect of Final Outcome Here

Presented in class as:

3.Fashion Designer


I presented this in a box which I feel, added to my design as I interpreted the box as a box for display. Therefore, adding it helped to relay my design better. It was also placed on a cork board to show how fashion designers usually pin up their inspirations and fabric type, etc whilst in the process of designing. The silver thumbtack just as an accent to that.

I also placed a silver sheet underneath it to bring out the type and I chose silver because it tied the design in together better.

I also attempted a white plastic sheet but felt like it was too striking and pushed the eye away from the design of my “collection” in type form.

Presented in class as:

4. Astronomer


I presented this final piece as is where the nails were being embedded into foam and mdf board that has been sprinkled with white & blue paint to create a galaxy effect. The nails formed the constellation of my name.


High Quality Photos Here