Project 4: Poetics of Time – “Into Another Dimension” (Final)

“Into Another Dimension”

Special Thanks to Whitney & Gwen for helping me out during the whole process.

The project is an interactive instructional installation that experiments with experienced time (relativity of time) and implied causality. This concept involves time, space and sound. As this is the final project for Foundation 4D, I wanted to create an escapism by making an installation that will bring the audience into another dimension, hence, forgetting about the present time for a moment.

Principles of Time used in installation:

  • Experienced time
  • Relativity of time
  • Implied causality



Click link to download pdf version of proposal.



I want them to be able to feel that they’re entering another dimension by the shift of location and setting of the mood by relaxing as they observe the interior of the room and forget about the present moment of being stressed due to submissions. (outside – brightly lit vs. inside – dimly lit with disco led lights).

After the experience, I want them to be able to understand and experience the point I’m putting across which is playing with relativity of time by bringing them out of the present time or putting a pause on their normal everyday school life.

In terms, of experienced time according to the soft tempo/fast tempo soundscape, I want to open a discussion and discuss with everyone on how the time they’ve experienced during the installation is different and what influenced it to be that way. It will be interesting to listen to their views because it varies from each individual and time is subjective as everyone has their own definition of time.



  • Being able to be engaging and capture the audience’s attention. (I need to be prepared, practise my role and have a lot of confidence.)
  • Setting the mood so I can bring them into another dimension.
  • The outcome and reaction of the audience is unpredictable so I have to practise on different people and make sure I can manipulate certain aspects in order for them to have a certain reaction that I’ve have in mind and put the point across to them about relativity of time and making them anticipate something.



Preparation before the installation:

Before my installation, asked the class to download the soundscape. Split them into two groups for different experience; Slow & Fast Tempo with the same duration.

Soundscape 1: Slow tempo (Music: Nature Background Music)

Soundscape 2: Fast tempo (Music: Bangarang by Skrillex)


Location: 4D Foundation Room

Layout of setting up the paper & plastic for audience to interact –

Me and Whitney as the actors –


Me: Host that will be engaging the audience.

Whitney: Assistant that will scan and beep at the audience at the entrance & film.



Outcome of course mates’ artwork listening to the soundscape

Discussion Video


  • Serena (Slow tempo soundscape) – The duration of the music is too short & I’ve should make it longer because she was only able to get into the mood in 30 seconds.
  • They were able to feel that they’re entering into another dimensions because of the act in the beginning, Whitney beeping them as they entered the room and the disco LED light created the mood and setting of another realm.
  • Experienced time felt by each individual varies because of the preference in music so even if it’s a fast tempo and EDM genre, many might think time will pass fast but it might be slow for them due to the dislike in their taste of music.
  • There should be more assistants to increase the audience’s expectations and bringing them into another dimension.
  • Some of the participants felt it was unfair because they were only given the slow tempo soundscape and wanted to experience both.
  • Participants with the fast tempo soundscape tend to draw their lines in a jagged and fast strokes while the participants with the slow tempo soundscape tend to draw their lines in a smooth, curvy/swirly strokes which is interesting. Some participants were just unique AHAHAHA.


Personal reflection

After the execution of the installation, personally, I felt that I managed to incorporate the aspect of time, space and sound during the process. Despite the time constraint, I was satisfied with the outcome and open discussion that I’ve had with my course mates.

In terms of improvement, I should’ve combined the two audio together and see how they felt about the experienced time when they’re listening to both of the soundscape and see how it influenced their drawing and time felt. (Increasing the duration of the soundscape)

In terms of the setting and mood of the location, I felt that I managed to pull through with my concept and participants were curious about the setting and mood when I brought them into the room. I managed to create a sense of anticipation in them and it’s all thanks to the principles I’ve learnt during the lecture such as the different dimensions of time and rhythm, movement, causality and duration.


I’m really thankful to be able to experience Foundation 4D and stepping out of my comfort zone by trying out new concepts that I’ve in mind whilst incorporating the principles I’ve learnt. To me, I think the conceptualization and development process of the project really impacted me because work reviews with Serena taught me that there’s different way to make a concept come to life. Sometimes, being too ambitious and making things intricate doesn’t create a good outcome. Minimalistic and simple concepts can have a greater impact on the audience too and I learnt how to balance what is required as an artist and what I want the audience to experience. Thanks Serena for everything!

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