In-Class Exercise: Time – Exercise Part 2 (Scratchy Scratchy)

Imagine things you would not want to watch/hear/taste/feel/smell (experience) for 10 seconds, and things you would want to last longer than 10 seconds but don’t.


Events that I don’t want to experience more than 10 seconds:

  • Shitting
  • Holding in my pee
  • Sneezing
  • Being screamed at
  • Being irritated/made fun of by a friend
  • Burping
  • Farting
  • Screeching sound of the nail against the table or wall
  • Choking on my own saliva
  • Forgetting my words during a presentation

Events that I would want to last longer than 10 seconds but don’t:

  • Scratching the itchy part of my body but it starts to hurt after a while
  • Eating my favourite dish (Once swallowed, it’s gone)
  • Braiding hair
  • Cartwheeling
  • Getting full attention from a kitty cat
  • Being able to shit after being constipated for 3 days
  • The thrill when the rollercoaster drops from the highest point
  • Applause after dancing or presenting
  • The excitement of meeting my loved one after so long (I’m like so over it after 10 secs because I have to entertain their bullshit which I still love to do)
  • When the bass drops in the club


What would engage you for 10 seconds?


I like how there’s a change in sensation from having an orgasm-like feeling by scratching the itchy part of my underarms and it starts to hurt after a while despite doing the same action. Hence, it reminds me of quote, “Having too much of anything is bad.” Everything should be in moderation ahahahaha (:


Scratchy scratchy – 10 Seconds Performance Art:

Hope you like it <3