Assignment 2: Ideation – Gaming Controller

For Assignment 2, we had to produce 40 ideation sketches of our chosen object – gaming controller. Our objective was to break up the archetypal components of an object and reconstruct them into a new form.


  • Form
  • Placement of buttons (In the most natural & comfortable way)
  • Gripping of the gaming controller
  • User experience (how they approach the object)



Using a plasticine sketch model to try various ways to approach and handle the object. 



Personally, it was really difficult to break away from archetype of the gaming controller and reconstructing the object into a new form. However, after noting down the essential parts of the gaming console (power button, led lights, joystick, and gamepad), it made the ideation process easier. Using inspiration from my surroundings and objects in our everyday life, I tried to incorporate the form and details of the objects into my ideation process. 

For my ideation, I wanted to make sure that the reconstruction of the gaming controller will still be organic while incorporating some curve lines. ‘Archetype’ and ‘Reconstruction’ was the main keywords and objective for this assignment. Overall, this process was challenging but I’ve learned to be avant-garde and try to come up with ideation that is not in the market as of now.