Micro-Project 3: Together Split


https://vimeo.com/316642795 (Please click this link if video shown above isn’t playing)

Group members: Desiree, Fenella, Tong Tong and I


Our concept was a collaborative performance to recreate a music video of “Take On You” by a-ha, using Instagram’s Split Screen Video Group Chat Feature. 

The objective of this project is to create a third body whereas each screen interacts with one another by creating a connection through choreographing a pattern of movements and gestures with 4 members. Despite being displaced physically, we had to be connected on a third space executing the choreography as coherent as possible according to the beat and rhythm of the soundtrack.

Basically, we’re like the beta version of Poreotics, a dance group that uses tutting; a dance style which are based on angular movements which involves intricate movements of the fingers and body parts to create a pattern according to the lyrics or rhythm of the music. What makes us different is we’re an amateur performance group that uses subpar tutting skills IN A THIRD SPACE. Bammmmm!!! <3  


It was performed on the second floor of the ADM building in different locations.


Initially, we thought it would be easier to plan the execution of the performance according to the beat and rhythm of the soundtrack. Little did we know that perception of time is different to everyone and people who are musically challenged like me ): However, it was a helpful tool as a non-verbal cue for us to begin and continue with the next movement in our performance despite being displaced physically. 

The sequence of our performance:

  • Typing “LET’S DO IT” in the group chat to inform the other members to get ready. 
  • Bobbing of heads
  • Zooming in and out of our faces
  • Snapping of fingers with half our faces connected to the other screen to form a one whole face
  • Creating a pattern of continuous movement by moving our arms vertically, horizontally and diagonally interacting with different frames such as connecting one’s arm to one’s hand to create a whole arm in two screens.
  • Heart shape
  • Thumbs up to end the video


The difficulties we’ve experienced doing this project are execution, scalability and framework, disconnection and lastly, the shortcoming of recording our performance.


The execution of the performance was really challenging because we had to figure how to use the terminal, choreography our movements according to the soundtrack and practise to perfect the movements in order to produce a good quality work. In addition, we had another issue with each member’s perception of time hence, we spent quite some time to synchronise according to the exact beat after discussing that we should follow Tong Tong’s rhythm. We had to record our performance a few times but we managed to produce one with a decent outcome with the objective we had in mind. 


This was another factor that affected the accuracy and synchronization of our movements because it was hard to judge how far our face should be from the screen and we had to roughly estimate ourselves in order to link up with the member on the other screen. It was really tedious because we can only perfect it the best we could within the amount of practise we could afford at that timing. 


Another issue that we faced was disconnection and lagging due to our Wifi network. Whenever there’s a disconnection and someone left the group chat due to the network problem, it will change the orientation of the framework. Hence, we had to switch phones to make it easier for us because we had already planned out which frame each member should be in. In addition, during the final recording, one of our member’s phone is lagging and it affected the quality of the performance. 


Not everyone has the same placement of the framework of each member on the platform. I was the one screen-recording the performance so I had to lay out the perimeters and give directions to ensure that our movements and scale appear similar to one another. Also, the screen recording on the latest iOS version on the iPhone doesn’t record audio. Hence, we had to play the music and the recorded performance during the presentation. 

The overall experience of this micro-project was enjoyable and we were happy with results of the outcome even though it could be better if we were given more time. It is essential to make sure everyone have the same perception of time and accurate scale of the proportion of their body to the screen. The outcome of this project is really dependent on our communication skills as a team and dealing with the uncontrollable circumstances of using a platform that relies on Wifi. All in all, we made the best we could with the duration given to us to complete this project and we are satisfied! 

Oh yeah, I think it would be super cool if Poreotics did own rendition of performing in a third space with their awesome tutting dance style. I bet it will be go viral as compared to ours!

“Which project did you feel you had the most creative control? Why?”

MICRO-PROJECT 1: CREATING THE THE THIRD SPACE. I had the creative freedom to curate my posts according to the direction I have in mind and set a mellow theme. There’s no restrictions regarding the quality and quantity of the photographs. Hence, I was able to manipulate the images by adding filters which assisted in evoking emotions, to create my series of significant places in ADM on a virtual space. Due to the ability and power to edit as a creator on the platform, I had the ability to manipulate the engagement and interaction by deleting responses that aren’t relevant or blocking some words so it won’t appear on the comments section. Overall, as a DIY and DIWO project, my work added value to the collective artworks on the platform with my definition of a significant place in ADM. However, I had no control in terms of the overall look of the third space (#1010adm) as a whole. It is an inclusive platform which allows people to participate and view artworks from different participants with different approach and theme of the topic given on the platform.

“Which project had the most unpredictable outcome? Why?”

MICRO-PROJECT 2: CROWDSOURCED ART. Personally, it was an eye-opening experience for me because the outcome of this project was highly dependent on the participants’ responses and how they interpreted the tasks given to them. As the project initiators, we laid out the perimeters and give a set of tasks for selected groups or individuals to do on Whatsapp. They were given the freedom to participate or ignore our request. Hence, we only had the creative control in the beginning with objectives of the project and planning. We had no control over the overall look and direction of the two collages which is dependent on the participants’ responses which are dynamic whenever another response is submitted. The outcome of the project will determine the success of the project on whether the participants are able to deliver what the creators had envisioned in the planning process or create an outcome that is even better. All in all, it was a challenging yet and an interesting take on allowing the participants to have control over the outcome of the project. Igniting our curiousity as the creators on how our project will turn out.

“Which project best illustrates the concepts of DIWO & Open–Source? Why?”

MICRO-PROJECT 1: CREATING THE THE THIRD SPACE. Despite physical distance being a boundary, all the participants are connected on a third space to collaborate and create our own representation of the significant places in ADM. #1010adm is hosted on Instagram which acts as public and virtual platform for unlimited possibilities and creations for anyone to participate or view which strongly resonates the open-source culture. As a collective, posting and curating this space with our work creates more exposure, engagement and responses as compared to an individual artist. Hence, it has a strong concept of DIWO by creating a platform which showcases different individuality and approach to the theme of the hashtag to make the project more impactful and reach out more to others with the following we have on social media. 

Micro-Project 1: Creating the Third Space

Why did you choose this space or object to photograph?

The significance of this location is a place of escapism from the chaos in class. The blur in the photo was accidental but it really depicts how I feel whenever I’m trying to take a breather from the stress and pressure, to relax and calm down. Personally, exiting the school compound during breaks is a temporary relief to reset my stress level back to 20% and building up my motivation to end the day well.


The toilet cubicle has a special significance to me as it’s one of places where I seek refuge to show my vulnerability. It’s a communal place yet private and intimate to me. Despite being constraint in a small space, I feel safe because nobody will be able to look at me. Being guarded by three vertical dividers allows me to let down my guards and be my true self. The interaction from the viewers tells me that different people have different sentiments attached to the space. Some disagreed that it is not a safe place and some got reminded of a memory attached to this space. Hence, factors such as memories, proximity of the space and notions might influence your emotional attachment to the place.


I’ve decided to photograph ‘Pepe the Frog’ poster on a locker because it brings back memories during the finals week in Semester 1. It evokes a sense of familiarity as I recalled the emotions I’ve felt during that period by looking at this expression of the frog. Tired and drained out. The fact that it’s being pasted on a locker that is safeguarded by a lock reminds me of how I have to put away all the unnecessary distractions in life to focus on my school work. Good times…


I’ve chosen this photograph focusing mainly on the concept of how a vending machine works. It serves as a reminder to my work ethics and mindset in life. “different input, different outcome” is the caption I’ve chosen because I’ve observed that there’s multiple ways to get our goals and we have the choice to decide how we are going to get to the end point. There’s no right or wrong way, especially, in the design industry. For example, there are coins that will add up to $1.50 to get the orange juice that we want and we can also put more than the amount needed and the machine will return back the change. Reminding me that different situations have different approaches such as ‘Less is More’, ‘Just enough’ or ‘More than what is expected’ to achieve the end goal that we want so, it’s essential to plan. Everyone’s goal is different and the amount of effort we put it varies too. Hence, this is a reminder that I should be grateful to have the freedom to choose what I want to be and make full use of my opportunities.


What are some of the characteristics of this alternative virtual space you had created collectively?

  • It shows individuality of each creator’s approach to the direction given to us about significant places in ADM. As a whole, it resonate strong sentiments about one’s significant place in ADM influenced by their memories, emotions or experiences attached to the space.
  • There’s added value whenever there’s new content being posted by the participants contributing to this platform.
  • Public sharing platform where anyone with an Instagram can view the content gathered and created by #1010adm or even add their own creations with no restrictions regarding quality and quantity of the photographs. Personally, I realised it spiked people’s interest and curiosity during the first week of school because the hashtag was going around on social media due to the exposure, connectivity and engagement of the ADM students with our peers online.
  • The ability and power to edit the space according to our representation of the actual space in ADM that we want to showcase. For example, adding filters or cropping certain part of the original photo to focus on the main idea/object, manipulating and evoking a certain reaction or emotion that we have in mind from the viewers. Hence, we have the freedom to curate and approach the topic of this project in multiple ways onto this alternative virtual space.


Under what circumstance will this alternative virtual space change?

It will change in terms of the value whenever there’s new content being posted by the participants contributing to #1010adm platform. The interaction of the viewers with the post will change the space with their comments, being able to relate with the post based on their sentiments or experience of the shared space and the popularity of the post considering the amount of people who will be able to view it due to the creator’s following and influence on the platform. Hence, despite the platform being on a limitless and vast virtual space, there will be changes and added value due to the interactivity of this platform until there’s no more viewers or participants going to the #1010adm platform.

As #1010adm is a virtual space being hosted on Instagram, there will be changes if the hashtag or certain content is being removed due to violating the guidelines of the platform.


How does this project relate to what we discussed in the lecture regarding co-creation. In the concept of Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Do-It-With-Others (DIWO)?

Despite doing the in-class assignment alone (DIY), the #1010adm project focuses on collaborative art which brings content from different creators onto the same platform instantaneously (DIWO). This project is a different approach of (DIWO) collaboration on a social media platform without having to communicate physically with one another but we are interconnected virtually. Being able to engage people to view the content under the same virtual platform and it brings exposure as a collective. It showcase a variety of works and viewers can find something that they can relate to or express their agreement or disagreement. This project relates to DIWO and co-creation because without a platform to gather all these content and interaction, all these thoughts and works are kept to oneself and it wouldn’t be as dynamic as a combination of each creator’s individuality and style which adds value to the whole collaborative project.

Similarly to Yoko Ono, Cutpiece (1964), The interactivity between Yoko Ono, participants and the viewers will lead to the end product of the whole performance art (DIWO). Factors such as the reaction from the viewers, participant’s decision to cut the amount of cloth from Yoko Ono’s clothing and her tolerance towards the whole performance art as she has a choice to stop or continue, will affect the whole end product. Thus, the outcome is unpredictable and ever-changing.