My first rough ideas / brainstorming

Hi there! Currently I’m exploring the many themes that I could possibly be involved with then expand upon a topic i might be interested in. Below is a very rough list of what I’ve thought through the first month. I’ll continue to polish them and finalise it into three proposals.

Possible ideas:

  1. Found objects within Singapore: Notion of play, Tools & its use, one person’s trash another man’s treasure, connections within the city
  2. Values lost / reinvention: Gift of giving, need for recognition,measurement of a time being / calculating time, purpose of eating & its interaction with the environments
  3. Abstraction: Air & Symbolism, patterns in the city
  4. Illnesses / Sickness: Social Anxiety, depression
  5. Mystical / Folktales
  6. Forms of Self – Portraits

Artist inspirations

  • Yayoi Kusama (On Managing Madness)