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My first rough ideas / brainstorming

Hi there! Currently I’m exploring the many themes that I could possibly be involved with then expand upon a topic i might be interested in. Below is a very rough list of what I’ve thought through the first month. I’ll continue to polish them and finalise it into three proposals.

Possible ideas:

  1. Found objects within Singapore: Notion of play, Tools & its use, one person’s trash another man’s treasure, connections within the city
  2. Values lost / reinvention: Gift of giving, need for recognition,measurement of a time being / calculating time, purpose of eating & its interaction with the environments
  3. Abstraction: Air & Symbolism, patterns in the city
  4. Illnesses / Sickness: Social Anxiety, depression
  5. Mystical / Folktales
  6. Forms of Self – Portraits

Artist inspirations

  • Yayoi Kusama (On Managing Madness)

  1. OK – happy to see you are brainstorming.

    my favorite is the #1 as involves the concept of:
    1- participatory urbanism
    2- urbanism
    3. concept of connecting locations
    4. new kind of city map- connected not by significance of landmark but by you identifying stories of found objects
    5. reinventing city
    6. Concept of heterogeneous city, Singapore Renesance City
    7. Center for Contemporary Art NTU is working on the theme of city state
    8. Exhibition Sea state by Charles Lim is so important
    ART SCIENCE Big Bang Data Exhibition

    We have to be current! You want to have job when you graduate
    you are designer and artist. you need to make your project both personal but also relevant- impactful
    These are research questions
    What? Why? (Significance) Who? and How? Who Cares?
    Come up with Mind Map
    Identify Keywords and areas of research through your mind map
    go through a book on 100 research metrologies ( posted on FB)
    start working on a Mood board- or VISUAL cues that you associate with your project theme and ideas
    start madly looking for literature