SONICreflection, 2016

SONICreflection, 2016

Wok lids, tweeters, pencil microphones, computer with software, amplifiers, sound card and aluminium
380 × 673 × 134 cm
Collection of the Artist Zulkifle Mahmod

Singapore Biennale 2016 commission

Singapore in the twenty-first century is a mélange of sights, smells and sounds of various Southeast Asian communities that have taken root here in recent years. The Thai community, for instance, congregates in Golden Mile Complex, while the Burmese diaspora is known to be concentrated in Peninsula Plaza; each ‘sonic territory’, as Zulkifle dubs them, boasts a unique soundscape all its own. SONICreflection is a sound sculpture: recordings from a number of these sonic territories are transmitted from multiple tweeters mounted on a wall lined with wok lids; pencil microphones are used to amplify the resultant cacophony, which assumes the form of layers of everyday, ambient clamour, ranging from snippets of dialogue to incidental noise. In exploring the micro-universes of Singapore’s cultural hodgepodge, Zulkifle’s work foregrounds the otherwise overlooked auditory character of each community and the space it inhabits.

all information taken from SAM website for SG Biennale.

Thoughts: I finally found a local artwork that resonates with what i am thinking! This artist has amazing sound works that is localised in the context of Singapore. A great plus that he mentions Golden Mile as well.

This time, the SG biennale has artworks addressing topics of the environment or question about borders, putting the spotlight on present-day conflicts and conundrums. This will probably provide good information for research.