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Week 2: Visualising Taste


img_1919 img_1921


When creating this postcard, I wanted all my information to be centred around the element of time. Hence, I created used the hour and minute hands that is conventionally found in clocks and simplified them into two lines pivoted on a point. They tell the time in the interval of 5 seconds.

In my impression, intensity meant greater higher waves and greater lengths. Hence, i decided to visualise them as waves. In addition, the number/frequency of waves could help me show the number of bites I had to take. The visualisation of wave helped to show the dual nature of intensity and frequency. 

Lastly, the 4 flavours that we taste is represented by 4 different colours. These colours are based on the foods that reminds me of a certain taste. For instance, yellow for sour because of lemons. 

I decided to use the same elements for both postcards because I’m interested to see how both taste tests played out for me in comparison!