in dear data

Week 6: Tracking Waste Usage

This was an interesting data collection for me because I was curious to see exactly how much waste I consume. Honestly, I’m the worst nightmare of tree lovers because the amount of tissue I consume within a day is insane. I blame it on my sinus and weak, feeble body. While people carry around small packets of tissue, I literally carry around tissue boxes. Any rainy weather or dusty environment triggers my nose to go all out into a phlegm party. In fact, you can see this from my data on Tuesday. That night was so cold and rainy, I believe I managed to use half a box of tissue. Surprisingly, this data was also revealing of my lifestyle. Personally, I don’t really consume or indulge in many things. In a way, I find it tiring to a certain sense to engage in any activity or use anything hence my first reaction to MANY things that approach me is to just simply reject it first. This is a really bad habit that limits my experience in a sense and I should be working on this. I included petrol usage intentionally as well because I’m somehow aware of how much I’ve been uber-ing these past few months and I thought it’ll be good to record it down to show it to myself.