Metronome Rough Cut v3

mostly shortened the parts like digging into pockets and form thrown on the bed. 

I did not remove the close up shots of him pulling the ring out as I tested it and found the shots to be better with than without. 

I’ve also edited the shot of the boy talking the hamburger to look more seemless.

For the first flashback scene I’m considering having the piano piece be misplayed intentionally when he gets more nervous which would give the father reason for him to cane his son

I don’t think I will include the father saying anything to his son, maybe more of a beautiful music pice played across the visuals to symbolise harmony between father and son

Metronome Actor’s CV, Shotlist and Final Script

Hi guys,

I’ve put up the actor’s CV, Shotlist and Final Script here should anyone need it for reference.

Actor’s CV
Jon: played by Marshall Poh

Young Jon: played by Jared Aiden Lim

Shot List

Final Script

Metronome Shooting Schedule and other details

Director: Alexander
DOP: Matthew
Producer: Lauren
Art D & Sound: Phoebe
Gaffer and B-camera: Ken Ng

LOCATION (2): Singapore Polytechnic. The Interlace, 200 Depot Road, 109706

CONTACT: Director Alex: 9320 0698, or Producer Lauren: 9070 7984

0900 call time
0930 – 1230 – Hospital @ Signaproe Polytechnic Scenes
1230 – 1430 – Move to Interlace & Lunch
1430 – 1600 – Vending Machine Scenes
1600 – 1830 – Carpark smoking scene
1830 – 1900 – Dinner
1900 – 2200 – Piano Scene

Metronome Character Backstory


Aged 28, Chinese.

Jon is a beaten man, heavily burdened with the choice to terminate the life support off his comatose father. He has a great disdain for his father who was abusive to him when he was young, caning him whenever he misplayed the piano.

He is emotionally scarred by the piano practices with his father, which consciously haunts his life and behavior. Despite the negative emotions he feels towards his father, he ultimately remembers the good times with him.

Back-story (Not in film)

Jon is a talented struggling musician, who is up to his neck in debt. He spends his days playing keyboard for pubs and nightclubs, looking for his big break. His indebted state is self-inflicted, being involved in the many vices a popular musician would face.



50s – 60s, Chinese.

Jon’s Father is a strict no nonsense father, who believes in ruling his son with an iron fist. He is unapologetic for the way he raises Jon even though most might see his methods as overly harsh and brutal. Despite all this however, he does show his affection for his son in his own subtle way.

Metronome Update – Script Draft 3, Location Scout Draft 1 & Prop List

This post features my Script Draft 3, Location Scout Draft 1 and my prop and location list


Script Draft 3 changes – I changed the final flashback scene of Father giving Jon his favourite food



Location Scout 1 – Some of the areas I want to film. Might not be the exact locations but can be considered

Download Link –


Prop List – Includes characters, propsc locations and costumes needed for the film


Story Idea: Metronome


Jon has to decide whether or not to take his comatose father off life support, he reflects on his memories of his strict father during his childhood piano practices.


Even dysfunctional families show love


Jon (28, Male) is in a hospital room with his comatose father, he has a form in his hand, which terminates his father’s life support. When he is alone in the room he slips off his father’s ring and keeps it.

He pulls out his earphones to listen to music but it triggers a memory of his father punishing him harshly as a child to practice piano. All his flashbacks are in the form of Out of screen dialogue with his father, which the focus is on the constant ticking of the metronome. He decides to sign the form.

Jon heads out for a smoke break, he sees someone else smoking, but realizes it is a non-smoking zone. He triggers another memory of his piano sessions with his father, where his father discovers Jon’s cigarettes and yells at him. It ends with Jon rushing out of the house, telling his father that he wishes he was dead. Jon loses the mood for a smoke and decides to go back into the hospital.

He gets a drink from the vending machine but realizes he does not have enough coins. He searches his other pockets and pulls out his father’s ring. He triggers his final memory of Jon was a child, practicing piano as his father comes home. The father stops the metronome with his ringed hand and tells Jon to eat. Jon asked why there is only one packet of food. But his father brushes it off.

Jon heads back to the room, returns his father’s ring and rips the release form. He then sits by his comatose father’s bed waiting for him to awake.


Language would be in Mandarin
There is no dialogue during present time, dialogue during flashbacks.
Present day would be in clinical white/ blue shades while flashbacks would be in a warmer hue.
The sound distinct sounds in the film are the piano music, the metronome and the father’s beeping heart rate monitor.