Metronome Character Backstory


Aged 28, Chinese.

Jon is a beaten man, heavily burdened with the choice to terminate the life support off his comatose father. He has a great disdain for his father who was abusive to him when he was young, caning him whenever he misplayed the piano.

He is emotionally scarred by the piano practices with his father, which consciously haunts his life and behavior. Despite the negative emotions he feels towards his father, he ultimately remembers the good times with him.

Back-story (Not in film)

Jon is a talented struggling musician, who is up to his neck in debt. He spends his days playing keyboard for pubs and nightclubs, looking for his big break. His indebted state is self-inflicted, being involved in the many vices a popular musician would face.



50s – 60s, Chinese.

Jon’s Father is a strict no nonsense father, who believes in ruling his son with an iron fist. He is unapologetic for the way he raises Jon even though most might see his methods as overly harsh and brutal. Despite all this however, he does show his affection for his son in his own subtle way.

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