Update on Farm Nation 5th Sept 2016

My Group and I have interviewed 2 out of the 4 farms we were planning to featuring in the Documentary.

We initially had 6 farms which were willing to be featured but we felt that 6 would have been overkill as most of them would talk about similar things. So instead we chose the 4 most diverse farms. Diverse in their content, backstory and unique crops that they grow.

  • Jurong Frog Farm
    • http://jurongfrogfarm.com.sg/
    • Case: shrinking landmass for farming, looking into vertical farming methods or alternative ways to raise frogs.
    • Status: Shot B-roll and Interviewed farmers, still planning a second trip to request a private tour around premises.
    • Expected Shoot – During Recess Week


  • Bollywood Veggies
    • http://bollywoodveggies.com/
    • Case: The value of farms in Singapore, not just for growing crops but seeing farming as an agro-tainment industry.
    • Status: Shot B-roll, toured and Interviewed farmers.


  • Fire Flies Health Farm
    • http://fireflies.sg/wp/
    • Case: Organic Farming in Singapore, going into niche markets instead of competing with overseas suppliers.
    • Status: Have gotten permission to shoot farm and Interview (Very helpful I might add), tentative shooting date, 24th September.


  • Singapore Farmer in Malaysia
    • No website, off the grid farms
    • Case: There is no enough room for “Real” Farms in Singapore, not for entertainment and tourism but “Real” farms which supply crops. Farmers have to go to Malaysia where land is plentiful to grow such crops.
    • Status: Fixed shooting Date and have gotten permission to shoot farm, Shooting Date, 30th September


We are still looking into other alternative content to shoot, i.e. Supermarket B-roll, Markets, Midnight Pasir Pangjang Wholesale Market, Hawker centre B-roll.

We are also looking into securing some vox pops of the common man, asking them several interview questions as to how much they know about Local Farming in Singapore.

Other interviewees we are looking into:

  • People in Government
  • Contractors
  • Farmer’s market association

Note on Farmer’s Market, There is a farmer’s market in October, we are still in discussion whether or not to film and cover this event (held by local farms in Singapore) we feel it may serve as a great conclusion to our documentary, seeing local farms come together and the crowds they attract.




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  1. Hi Alex and Crew, this looks fine.  Suggest you focus on two or three farms and indeed wrap it up with the farmers market.  What I’d suggest is that you go a little further into the impact of the work on the personal lives of the people who do that work.   What are the stresses and strains therein?  Probe deeper.  Best wishes, Paul.

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