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‘Polyhedron Dreams’ – Final + Reflection

Final Model: Lines + Planes

That’s how my model looks like from bottom up, and what I liked most about this structure was how there was a clear transition from solid, plain shapes to a structure with gaps and spacing, and then to something that feels more organic and unable to stand on its own.

Therefore, this model concludes my progress of trying to show disintegration through the appearance of the different materials


All in all, I have learnt to try to step out of box to think of the best way to figuratively and literally try to express an idea with materials and a known form (tetrahedron). I was definitely not used to trying to explore my ideas in that way, since I am used to thinking of ways to design something WITHIN a given structure with limitations. So when I got the freedom to do the opposite of all that I was taught, it was a bit unnerving and I started questioning myself a lot of what I could do and not do. Yet, as I went along the project, I realised too that there was a sort of ‘hidden structure’ I also had to follow in the sense that my model would look sloppy  without proper intention of where I wanted to place what materials and form. So really, I learnt how to best balance the two sides – the unlimited space to express creatively, as well as consciously keep within my ability to complement the different materials’ looks with one another.

  1. – The intent of showing disintegration, was a worthwhile attempt.
    – There end model still felt very “contained”
    – The model may have worked better if the “expanded” elements had perhaps reached out/deformed the overall Tetrahedron further. Experimenting with more variations of the lines/string language
    – On the whole a good attempt, however I would have liked to have seen abit more creative risk taking in terms of form experiments!