in Process

‘Polyhedron Dreams’ – Process

I remembered what we were told in class – to make an interesting looking structure, there needed to be a dominant, subdominant, and subservient form. So I decided that my dominant form was to be a plain solid shape.

I knew I wanted to use my method of planes by cutting out a diamond piece and folding it, so I originally did that with cardboard which formed the structure below. To incorporate the wavy form made of straight lines that I wanted to experiment on, I used twine, thinking it would be the best material for it.

I was also given the idea of sticking the satay sticks in the cardboard so that I could tie the strings to one end. When I did that, I however found myself with 2 problems. The first one being that, I could not find a suitable place to place the other satay stick, so that when I was done tying the twine, it would achieve the wave-like structure I wanted it to. Secondly, twine did not give a ‘tight’ and ‘rigid’ look, which made my strings seem weak in form, which ruined the expression of a wave-like structure. In fact, it looked pretty pathetic.

I also started to realise by then that I did not quite like working with cardboard as when paired with the brown twine, gave off a ‘cheap’ feel. So I went to get a white piece of board to work with instead. I also did not like the look of the satay sticks hanging out of the ‘solid’ structure so I decided to scratch that idea. But, I was still determined to make that wave-like structure I so liked and tried using the rose-gold copper wire as a base totied my twine too instead. I used the copper wire for 1) weight and 2) aesthetics (but it was mainly the second reason). Again, I tried the twine on copper to see if it would have improved the overall look, but it still did not work out as I imagined.

So I switched out the twine for satay sticks instead and tried to get my rigid wave-like structured which was achieved! By looking at photo references, I saw that the items that the ends of my sticks were attached to had to form a sort of ‘X’ shape, and to achieve that, I added another copper wire to the base of the structure





I really liked how the structure was turning out, but it was not very ‘disintegrated’ yet. To complete my series of using materials to show disintegration, I realised that twine, looked like a more ‘incomplete’ version of satay sticks and tried to think of ways to weave that into my model. But I did not want to tie the twine the same way as I did the satay sticks and wanted to show it as more ‘organic’ and different. So I continued a an even more spaced out space with the satay sticks (to show even MORE disintegration), and tied the twine around and made it hang loose on purpose to make it seem like it was a spider web.