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Week 1


I love to design, but I am not just a designer. My passion lies in creating experiences and solving problems. And I achieve them using design in my roles as a designer, leader, or project manager. I have a strong interest in UI/UX design and brand design, which is why I co-founded a digital agency doing just that.┬áMost of my favourite works in school tend to be more expressive and bold, especially with my choice of colours and my love for typography. The other area that I have an interest in designing for is information visualisation – basically making mundane or boring content digestible and appealing. I like to have fun in my projects in pushing how far I can go with communicating ideas, but I also take pride in my works being well curated.


  1. Retro Holiday Postcard (Information Design)

    This was done for the module ‘Information Visualisation’ where the assignment was meant to visualise 10 different data set on the data I collected from my most recent trip to California. The data sets included information like the weather of each day, what colors i wore, and how much I spent etc.
  2. The New York Times Redesigned

    This was done for the module ‘Web Design’ where I decided to redesign my favourite news site which was The New York Times’ politics section. Following the US elections, I found a weird juxtaposition of having such ‘loud’ and ‘disorderly’ state of politics being portrayed through a clean and neutral design. So I thought adding in the idea of brutalist design to make it more ‘gaudy’ would better fit how I felt while taking in the news.
  3. (un)veil: The Exhibition Mobile App

    This was done for the module ‘Interactive Media 2’ where my team and I started out this project by planning for it to be an exhibition, but due to sudden COVID restrictions, we had to move the experience online by putting the museum experience onto an ‘app’.



A studio that inspires me with their use of typefaces and creation of type design is the local award-winning studio FABLE. Helmed by ADM alumni Tan Jia Hui, FABLE is also the first type foundry in Singapore.

One of my favourite works from them includes the State of Print website they did for Basheer Graphics:

This includes them creating beautiful letters inspired by traditional and analog methods of print. I loved the way they tried to re-package the information on print methods with new digital technologies like AR. This project combines my love of typography, information design and UI design

Taken from the website: ‘This initiative aims to spark thoughtful conversations, providing insights on the fluctuant world of print in a fast-moving digital age. ‘