As a designer, I always try to introduce play in my creative process.

I think that having a playful mindset liberates the brain and allows you to think more freely.

Play encourages lateral thinking because it enables you to make connections between unexpected ideas.

Play pushes you to create fresh and original ideas. I like to experiment and try new things which i believe is part of the formula for some of the most creative and innovative design works out there.

Play has also made me a creative problem solver. I think play becomes even more important when I am faced with limitations as it enables me to produce creative workarounds that result in fresh ideas with good outcome.

Playing encourages risk taking. as it teaches us to not be afraid of taking the next step forward. Sometimes risks pays off and other itmes mistakes allow us make better informed decisions in the future.

Play becomes better when you can share the experience with more people. I delight in surrounding myself with others who share the same perspective of seeing the world around them as one giant playground where the possibilities for creation is endless.

Lastly, I remind myself to keep playing. To maintain an inquisitive mindset about the world around me, to always keep learning and never think you know everything just like how you would sharpen a pencil from time to time to prevent it from becoming dull.

A  pencil is the first tool in the creation process. it can lead to sth fresh new innovative and exciting or result in sth bland borin and expected. the power lies in the thoughts and intentions of the person wielding the pencil.



The portfolio kit was designed based on the concept of play.

Yellow is selected as the dominant color as it symbolically represents happiness, youth and innovation.

The transparent box used entices the viewer and creates a sense of excitement much similar to a kid staring into the window display of a toy store.

The portfolio is divided into different mini booklets and brochures to create a fun and non linear manner of getting to know the designer. Similar to building blocks of LEGOs, these booklets and brochures can represent the building blocks that have been carefully crafted and laid overtime throughout my studies and career as a designer.