Waves of Transformation


I took a very simple approach where I first found the definition of the words “Supernatural” and “Naturalist”. Supernatural: manifestation or event attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or an unnatural object Naturalist: the idea of belief that only natural laws and forces operate in the world, these laws are rules that govern the structure and behavior of natural universe

Through my mindmaps, I then formed a new definition where I intend to focus on the environment and how climate change has corrupted and mutated several animals and beings, allowing them to become something other than ordinary but instead supernatural.


With the drastic environmental changes that we now experience, wildlife around the world has now undergone mutations to become supernatural beings. Climate change will soon cause these species to evolve to adapt to the new environment, one where is now submerged and the flat lands are long gone.

The visual scroll uses a top-down design, showcasing the Flying Fish, Octofly, Foresnake, Sea Hopper, Froggotie and Rostonish.

These six animals have now become the leading animals of survival in this newly established environment.


Media Nexus Wall

Pattern Swatches

Mock Ups


Task 1B Exploratory Research

A point will be given if the correct amount of grams was chosen to suggest knowledge for the amount of sugar in bubble tea.

A point will be given if the correct amount of grams was chosen to suggest knowledge for the amount of sugar recommended for consumption.

A point will be given if Aloe Vera was chosen to suggest knowledge for the topping with lowest calories.

A point was given for each of the 5 steps taken!


Average Score was 44% suggesting large numbers of people are still unaware of the health risks that bubble tea can cause accompanied with their consumption. Hence, the need to advocate and increase awareness as well as action towards curb consumption of bubble tea.

Dialogue with Time reflection

Briefly share your experience going through Dialogue with Time. What were some of the feelings, thoughts, challenges and insights gained while role playing an elderly person?

I think Dialogue with Time was a very meaningful and thought provoking exhibition. It first highlights how ageing is a slow process that is happening at every moment and second of our lives. It brings light to things that we may not realise such as the extent of deterioration in our abilities to carry out activities, both mentally and physically. Since ageing is inevitable, the exhibition gave me a peak into how life could be as I age, allowing me to experience the problems I may face in the future and the drastic difference in capabilities. Through the experience, I felt that I could begin to empathize with my grandparents especially through the interactive games and “becoming them”. I started to wonder, if I could not successfully complete the stimulated activities, how can I blame the elderly for not being able to carry out the same task in greater adversity?


Drawing on your experience, can you think and list some of the benefits inherent in the design research technique of role playing?

The technique of role playing allows one to be placed in the shoes of others under similar contexts. By going through the situation through role playing, one’s thought processes becomes that of the person we are role playing. This allows us to better understand the actions as a consequence of one’s thoughts. We will then be able to gain empathy for the individual and understand their considerations and why they make such decisions despite how we sometimes view them as unreasonable actions. At the same time, role playing can also increase interactivity for the audience which will then allow for a stronger personal experience and therefore a more enriching and memorable experience.

Can you think of some contexts where role-playing can be useful to help discover and define design challenges or contribute to the development of design solutions? 

I think such role-playing has the greatest benefit in allowing for other’s to be in another individual’s shoes, thereby allowing individuals to cultivate the idea of empathy for the challenges faced by the elderly today and ourselves in the future. At the same time, role-playing allows us to anticipate and prepare in advance (eg. consumption of supplements). It is only through role-playing that we may be able to further understand the intangible aspects such as the feelings of disappointment, fear and insecurity, experienced by the elderly.

When we fully understand how we feel when we face with such challenges in the perspective of other individuals, will we be able to analyse critically as to finding out the problems. It is also important to empathise with the elderly and think of ways in which our design can help them not just physically but also be of use to their mental welfare and emotions.