Lobster 101 & a 90s pop culture reference | Pirate Broadcasting as Reportage


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Some post-broadcast thoughts

I was slightly nervous during the broadcast, not unlike the feeling of going up on stage. The ‘live’ medium initially creates a sense of performance and self-consciousness but that will likely disappear after getting used to the medium. I was surprised and really felt the immediacy of the medium when my friends commented and reacted during my live broadcast.

This was my second time using Facebook Live, the first was a few days prior at my friend’s birthday party. In comparison with my second broadcast, the first came out more as a comedic personal home-video filled with chatter and giggles. I’ve realised that being a reporter is challenging as it requires us to be aware of our environment and the events unfolding before us. I find that it’s also slightly different from capturing personal memories. It can be personal but I do feel compelled to offer something to the audience; be it something interesting, humorous, informative or insightful. What do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “Lobster 101 & a 90s pop culture reference | Pirate Broadcasting as Reportage”

  1. Gripping video especially with the sound of the lobster being crushed. Did you say cutting it that way was painless? I suppose there is no way to tell what the lobster felt when Daddy cracked its head.

    Phew! What a blessing it is to be born human. I would not want to be in the shoes of that crustacean.

  2. Oddly, the video reminded me of the time my Filipino classmate mentioned how dog meat was popular in his village, and I wondered why killing marine animals and rabbits for food was acceptable but not dogs.

    Anyhow, when I was watching Tania’s cat video, I couldn’t help mentally swapping the cat she was stroking with the late Mr Lobster featured in your video, and let chuckled when Randall suggested Tania do something more with the animal.

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