Glass Pig | Personal Object Still Life

Glass Pig, Oil on wood panel. Image credit: Me
Glass Pig. Oil on wood panel close up. Image credit: Me

This is a still life of a miniature glass pig with a broken behind. Almost every year, my grandmother would give me pig-related gifts. Pig coins, pig figurines, pig paperweights and even pig gag-gifts. Why? She thinks pigs are adorable and it is also my Chinese zodiac. I find this yearly routine very sweet and amusing.

On my 10th birthday, she gave me 10 miniature glass pigs. They were handmade so each piglet had a distinctive look and colour. When playing with them one day, I accidentally dropped one and its curly tail broke off. At the time, I thought it was a great idea to put a band-aid on its butt (for the benefit of the injured pig and whoever handles him). This flesh coloured band-aid remains till this day.

Pigs are often associated with bad qualities like laziness and gluttony. However to me, pigs represent a joyful simplicity and contentment. These chubby creatures bring to mind my loving grandma, and her quirky yearly tradition.

One thought on “Glass Pig | Personal Object Still Life”

  1. I like your idea a lot & I’m a pig too. I think you cold have painted the plaster in such a way that it stands out more to support your idea which is a good one. right now the plaster fades into the reflections. the painting is about fragility but also a young persons imagination and empathy that the glass pig feels pain. Now how can you paint a background that supports those feelings and pushes them. Actually a background that you have that isolates the pig may be good but you’ll have to decide if you cold have pushed your ideas further. but definitely the source of your story the plaster must be more prominent. good work!

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