Que Sera Sera 1

Dada was an artistic and literary movement that began in Zürich, Switzerland. It arose as a reaction to World War I and the nationalism that many thought had led to the war. Influenced by other avant-garde movements – Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism, and Expressionism – its output was wildly diverse, ranging from performance art to poetry, photography, sculpture, painting, and collage. Dada’s aesthetic, marked by its mockery of materialistic and nationalistic attitudes, proved a powerful influence on artists in many cities, including Berlin, Hanover, Paris, New York, and Cologne, all of which generated their own groups. The movement dissipated with the establishment of Surrealism, but the ideas it gave rise to have become the cornerstones of various categories of modern and contemporary art.

It was the first conceptual art movement where the focus of the artists was not on crafting aesthetically pleasing objects but on making works that often upended bourgeois sensibilities and that generated difficult questions about society, the role of the artist, and the purpose of art.
Dada. [Internet]. 2017. TheArtStory.org website. Available from:
http://www.theartstory.org/movement-dada.htm [Accessed 01 Feb 2017]


“R. Mutt’, however, was an unusual name, with comic overtones, and this might have given people a clue as to its falseness. Later in life, when asked whether ‘R. Mutt’ was a pun on the German word Armut meaning poverty, Duchamp was quoted as explaining:

Marcel Duchamp, 'Fountain' 1917, replica 1964

Marcel Duchamp, ‘Fountain’ 1917, replica 1964

Mutt comes from Mott Works, the name of a large sanitary equipment manufacturer. But Mott was too close so I altered it to Mutt, after the daily cartoon strip “Mutt and Jeff” which appeared at the time, and with which everyone was familiar. Thus, from the start, there was an interplay of Mutt: a fat little funny man, and Jeff: a tall thin man … I wanted any old name. And I added Richard [French slang for money-bags]. That’s not a bad name for a pissotière. Get it? The opposite of poverty. But not even that much, just R. MUTT.
(Camfield 1989, p.23.)” 
Howarth, Sophie. (April 2000) revised by Mundy, Jennifer. (August 2015) “Fountain.” http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/duchamp-fountain-t07573 (1 February 2017).

“Duchamp was the first artist to use a readymade and his choice of a urinal was guaranteed to challenge and offend even his fellow artists. There is little manipulation of the urinal by the artist other than to turn it upside-down and to sign it with a fictitious name. By removing the urinal from its everyday environment and placing it in an art context, Duchamp was questioning basic definitions of art as well as the role of the artist in creating it. With the title, Fountain, Duchamp made a tongue in cheek reference to both the purpose of the urinal as well to famous fountains designed by Renaissance and Baroque artists. In its path-breaking boldness the work has become iconic of the irreverence of the Dada movement towards both traditional artistic values and production techniques. Its influence on later twentieth century artists such as Jeff Koons, Robert Rauschenberg, Damien Hirst, and others is incalculable.”
Dada. [Internet]. 2017. TheArtStory.org website. Available from:
http://www.theartstory.org/movement-dada.htm [Accessed 01 Feb 2017]


  • Duchamp created a new way of looking at an object at it’s literal value – what we call conceptual art
  • Dada artists are known for their use of readymade objects – everyday objects that could be bought and presented as art with little manipulation by the artist.
  • The introduction of chance was a way for Dadaists to challenge artistic norms and to question the role of the artist in the artistic process. – Many artist were exponent on Hans Arp’s law of chance whereby he incorporate the chance factor into his creation of works of art which went against all norms of traidtional art production in which preparations were meticulously planned and thought for before the execution of completing the artwork.
  • Dada artists are known for their use of readymade objects – everyday objects that could be bought and presented as art with little manipulation by the artist. The use of the readymade forced questions about artistic creativity and the very definition of art and its purpose in society.


  • The only woman in the absurdist Dada art movement of the 1910s, German artist Hannah Hoch pioneered an edgy style of photomontage that’s showcased in a major new exhibition.
  • One of the originators of Photomontage
Das schöne Mädchen [The Beautiful Girl]
In terms of composition, the artwork by Hannah Hoch (image on the left above) was one that I really like among the others. Somehow the composition shows me a large head of a lady and a small body and with the recurring patterns, it really caught my eye. Well, she is one of the originators of Photomontage, right? I’m sure her composition skills would be second to none considering that she’s such a famous artist during the DADA art movement. 
Personally, I thought the artworks of Hannah Hoch’s were pretty minimal(image on the right above) and not what I usually try to produce. Then again, my works from Semester 1 was previously thought of as ‘too much’  as I tend to fill up way too much of a canvas when there are room to be lesser. So I thought Hannah Hoch’s work would be a good reference for me as to how to keep things minimal.
Image result for stefan sagmeister
However, one artist that Mimi introduced to us in class got me so amazed with his works. He’s none other than the legendary, Stefan Sagmeister.
The thing about Sagmeister’s artworks for me is that it works really well despite looking so minimal and clean.
Image result for stefan sagmeisterImage result for stefan sagmeister typography
Well, I guess the time is now for me to talk less and do more by start working on my A4 canvases for Que Sera Sera. 🙂

Ego 2

Hello there! Here are my final composition for the 4 x 3 series of Personal Trait, Situation and Imagined Outcome respectively! As mentioned in my previous post, I have decided on creating a series of Digital Art for this assignment as I explored with the
different methods such as Digital Illustration and Digital Painting and Photo Collaging.

My overall theme for these equation mainly revolves around a ‘digital me’ as I feel that the best way to represent myself, is myself.
Hence, you will tend to observe the recurring factor of human or signs of human in most of my composition.

Without further ado, let’s go check them out shall we!





I would like to think that I have a rather creative repertoire to offer hence I have decided to use it as my first trait. The waves represents the creativity that flows within me just like they are in the ocean, naturally. There is a subtle attempt from me to blend the streaks of my hair into the ocean wave, symbolising my natural raw potential in the arts field(hahaha i laughed while typing this, honestly).

The colour composition included the colours of the sunset came about almost instantaeously when I decided to use the ocean wave, because what is better than the scenic view of the sunset while we stroll along the beach?




I have always had the dream of becoming an Architect but it seems to me that the route I have chosen seems to bring me further away from it. Meanwhile, I have no options but to brave through the cold through the stormy sea as I attempt to navigate my way back to my ultimate goal.

I have chosen the different tones of blue for this box to evoke the ice cold feeling of the harsh reality in society that things does not always go your way and sometimes, you might just have to take the longer route to achieve what you really want.




As I have yet to successfully navigate to the destination I envsioned for myself, therefore I’m comparable to an incomplete puzzle – not yet the finished article. The reason of using grayscale tones for this composition is because until the day I feel like I’m actually the final product, the most complete version of myself, I just can’t see the colours in me.






Despite my cheerful and nonchalent attitude towards many things in life, I actually do think a lot on the inside. I’m secretly very ambitious because I feel the need to succeed in life and the biggest motivation for me to do so is my family, hence the inclusion of the roots.

The colour component for this box is a colour scheme that I thought looked really beautiful. The dull tone of blue is my way of portraying my nonchalent attitude on the outside but the red shows how I think passionately and actively all the time.




When put under immense pressure to me feels like being thrown into a blaze of fire(which explains the colour scheme for this one), with the uncomfortable feeling of anxiety. However, the only time someone would grow and become better is when they step out of their comfort zone, only then will they improve and become better. In this case, I’m like an egg, that would crack under such stress but what is it that lies beneath me, just what could I find?




A lump of coal under immense pressure could do one or two things, it either crumble and turn to dust and render it useless or the pressure will turn it into the diamond that you always hope it could be. In this case, the ideal outcome would be that I become the diamond I always hoped I would become.

The tones of brown are used to show that it’s no easy work to succeed in life, you got to have your face in the mud, and claw your way up.






This picture shows myself rooted to the ground, unable to move due to fear of actually doing something. I believe that I’m always thinking a lot, somewhat afraid of embarassment. The dull colour used for the background for this box attempts to evoke some sort of fear. The subtle dissolving effect represents me disappearing into air when I embarass myself. The red blush skin tone indicates my embarassment.




Not taking the first step because of being afraid always result in seeing somebody else getting what you want. When that happens, you can only look on green with envy because what else can you do? Slowly but surely, that envy becomes jealousy and turns you into a ‘green-eyed monster’ and the orange hand in this box shows the last bit of human in me longing for that something or someone.




Jealousy refers to the reaction to their envious resentment of someone of their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantage. In this series, it means me becoming an emotional wreck whereby I see myself going on a frenzy, destroying everything in my way because of the devastation. The green tone is used in this box mainly because jealousy is the main reason for my path of destruction.






The dull colours of the background indicates just the kind of life I would have (dark and gloomy) without her. However, she’s all I think of passionately everyday, as she’s the one I want to walk down that road together with.




In television shows and movies, they always associate travelling back in time with black and white which was why I decided to use black and white for this box as well. To me, going back in time also means going through several dimensions before finally reaching the past(not that I believe that time travelling actually exist). Similarly, in the media, melting seems like the ideal way to create a trippy effect of going back in time.




In this series outcome, I have successfully managed to travel back in time and relive the moments and make amends to the mistakes that I have made previously – facing my fear and going all out for someone or something that I know I want in my life.  In this box, the color selection for this box is to illustrate the ideal outcome of a happily ever after. Black is used to bring out the red color.

& that is all I have for this assignment! I hope that you have learnt a lot more about me through my twelve boxes and I also do realize after my illustrations that I’m rather pessimistic in life or at least it seems to portray that I’m. It’s not that bad to be honest… really… no don’t go away, please be my friend.

On a more serious note, I felt like I have taken every box for this assignment as an individual painting as itself and only connect the content in terms of narrative but less of having the same colour scheme throughout one full series. I thought that it would look better across as a whole with a different variety. Well, that’s only my individual opinion! It has been a fruitful last assignment as I felt like I have learnt so much new methods and techniques to create artwork digitally, which was something I always wanted to do, I’m extremely satisfied with both this project and my final work 🙂



Ego 1

Project 3 – Ego has officially begun and this time round, we are tasked to create four rows of three squares worth of content which can best describe,

  1. My traits as a person in the first row
  2. What kind of a situation I envision myself being in
  3. The outcome of what I will become after going thru the ordeal of that situation


Across these twelve squares, I am required to create a narrative, metaphoric, abstract or symbolic approach.
I wasn’t quite sure on which one to choose nor did I want to limit myself to anything, hence I decided to try everything that comes across my mind.

1lonely-me 2meet-the-girl-of-my-life

Igor Morski

I came across the artwork of Igor Morski and thought that they were really intriguing and has some sort of narrative/message it wants to portray in a abstract manner. I am unsure if my work does turn out the way that I think it did but Igor Morski’s work was very much an inspiration for me as I strive to create my final boxes in the manner that he does for his famous art pieces.

I wasn’t a fan of his, didn’t even heard of his work before, but I definitely am one now. 🙂

regretful-me  surreal-poetry-riddlers-sage

In this project, we were expected to think deeply about the color theory and how to use it most effectively to portray the kind of feeling we would like to evoke from the audience through our art work.


Photo Collage

Very much similar to the Project 2 – Forrest Gump, in which we took materials from online and mash them all up together except that this time round, it involved colors!

I was researching online for interesting methods and came across a lot of artwork that applied Double Exposure which led me to try it for myself. This is a rough experiment which as evidently, wasn’t done very well as I try to understand how to do it.  There was a lot of masking involve and I have finally came to realize how important and useful masking is in Photoshop.


Digital Painting

Coming into ADM, I have always wanted to try digital painting and below is one of my attempt on digitally painting Jay Chou during my free time. Since this project didn’t limit us to any sort of medium, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to try out Digital Painting once more.

me0 me1  me3

I started creating the base by applying the color I wanted and eventually applied different tones only to realize that I could work easier by painting in gray scale on one layer and then applying the color I want over the gray scale layer and it gets the gradual gradient tone I wanted. I thought the hair was really tough to create which led to me mashing it up with images I found online which resulted in a composition that I decide to retain towards the end of this project.

Exploring Color Schemes

I explored different color schemes by using the different types of layers in Photoshop.
They eventually created 3 different kinds of feeling to the same piece of collage I created which are

Explosive and Despair

breaking-through-walls-pl breaking-through-walls-exclusion



With that, I end my first post on the research and exploration of ideas for Project 3. In my next few posts, I’ll be going through on the concept and narrative of the series of my finalized pieces. Till then!

*Below are some of my drafts for my final composition*

love-2 love-of-my-life-low lonely-infatuated-me-exclusiondirection3 pressure puzzle-incomplete-1 oss

Forrest Gump 3

Final Composition 1 – American Pie


This one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute up my xxxxx
Michelle Flaherty (Alyson Hannigan) – American Pie (1999)


  1. Music
  2. Cat/Kitten
  3. Lust


  1. Despite this being a really huge and popular movie with the general public, it is this kind of media portrayal that encourages or rather set the base of men objectifying women.
  2. This composition attempts to convey the lustful thought of men;
  3. and objectifying of women.


Design Principle:

  1. An off centered composition to break the balance and symmetry to show the inequality,
  2. a repetition of musical instruments creates some sort of rhythm until it reaches the splat suddenly indicating the abrupt act of lust that could occur when men gets really nasty


1) Cheshire evil looking face indicates the lustful thoughts

2) Catwoman’s mask hints on the apparels of female being removed

cheshire-cat  tentacle

3) Gentlemen’s suit and tie implies that even the most prim and proper person are guilty of objectifying woman

4) Woman in the background with the splat… oh well just interpret however you want it! I will say its the tears that she cried :p

suits-and-tie   splat_by_vanjamrgan-d7k8h80

4) Woman in the background with the splat… oh well just interpret however you want it! I will say its the tears that she cried :p


Final Composition 2 – The Dark Knight



Why so serious?
Joker (Heath Ledger) – Dark Knight (2008)


  1. Serious
  2. Significant or worrying because of possible danger or risk


  1. Serious = Sirius (Black), hence the link to Harry Potter
  2. A possible danger of risk, took reference to a game of Poker where people have to read the tells of a person and is usually a very serious and tense situation.
  3. Poker card reference to the


Design Principles:

  1. A asymmetrical piece to strike the balance and equality in terms of risk both parties are taking on a texas hold’em poker table.
  2. Radial to create a ‘drawn into’ effect as though all this vices just swirls into the center of this vice in this case, gambling.


1) Poker Card Reference – Inverted Harry Potter characters to form a Joker card similar to the Jack, Queen and King cards.


2) Harry Potter and Voldemort staring off in a poker game showdown where everything is on the line.


3) Poker cards reference


4) A subtle hint of Joker face.

5) Chips to indicate how much is on the line and a reason to be serious.


Final Composition 3 – Rocky Balboa


You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.
Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) – Rocky Balboa (2006)


  1. Hit
  2. Fist
  3. Fighting
  4. Forward


  1. A fight in life includes being on the offense and being on the defense
  2. In a southpaw stance, lady represents the aggressor in life always moving and fighting forward
  3. In a blocking stance, ryu represents being on the defense, protecting yourself from suffering any setbacks


Design Principles:

  1. Off centered composition with elements placed in an abrupt manner indicating the sudden intrusion of obstacles in life
  2. The repetition of punches symbolizes the fighting genre of this quote.


1) Ryu – to block the obstacles thrown to you in life

2) Female boxer feat. Ronda Rousey Being on the offence in life requires you to bring out the other side in you to perform.(in this case, bringing the champion out of you because Ronda is a female champion in the UFC.


3) Punch with cracks and Fruit Punch

To indicate the different level of setbacks that could be thrown to you in life


4) There’s always room for ‘the eye of the tiger’ when it comes to Rocky Balboa


Final Composition 4 – The Wolf of Wall Street


Money is the oxygen of capitalism and I wanna breathe more than any man alive.
Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) – The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


  1. Money
  2. breathe
  3. Man Alive


  1. How money is the roof of all evil as the whole world revolves around it
  2. How money is so important in our lives that it is all that we think about


Design Principles:

  1. A central composition with radial component implies that we revolve around money(which is true to an extent because we are always working for money)
  2. A circle element with symbolism made to the Earth


1) Guy Fawkes Mask on a Note – In the composition, this mask appeared segmented in the background while the facial features of the lady in the center is non-existent. Implies that the lady lost her identity in the pursuit of more money.


2) Soldiers – how we all want to breathe in money more than any man alive that we’re willing to harm and fight anyone just to attain it. Greed is good… or bad?


3) Tree of life (just the roots in this case) – the root of all evil



Reflections and Takeaways

There were plenty of difficulties especially in the conceptual stage as we attempt to look for quotes that are interesting and easy to work with. You come to realize that some quotes, despite being very deep and meaningful are more difficult to work with as compared to something very simple and quirky.


Fish are friends, not food.
Nemo (Alexander Gould) – Finding Nemo (2003)


This was one quote that I tried working on at the start but ended up with a very meh composition. The idea of this attempt was something I thought was fun to work with but I could not deliver which made me realize that not every quote works for me especially when I encounter those brain fart moments when I just cannot produce anything at all.


Project 2 allowed me to briefly encounter on how to communicate visually with people as everything that we put out there matters such as the placement of components, the elements that we include and even the texture that we want the audience to feel when seeing our art pieces. It also trained me on providing solutions in the least literal way possible as I attempt to solve with unusual but effective approach. This enabled the creativity juices in me to flow and I certainly hope I have not failed to deliver :p

However, I also realize that there is so much more for me to work on in terms of software skills, the visual flair to spot and place something properly. One particular thing that I really really need to improve on is to remember that my designs should communicate visually to the viewers and always always and I mean always, remember to see from the audience position! Give them more things to look at!

Okay and that’s all I have for Project 2!

Benji out!

Forrest Gump 2


  1. It is recommended to not have grey tones for silk screen printing but I particularly liked the outcome after adjusting with the threshold and levels of this design in Photoshop and chose to explore and see to what extent does grey tone affect the silkscreen printing. :p
    So we get started by having my selected design printed onto a transparency…

  2. Followed by coating a layer of print emulsion on both side of the screen and left it inside the dryer. All these were done inside the dark room because when over exposed to UV light, it causes the emulsion to harden and bind to the fabric rendering it difficult or impossible to wash out during the development stage.
  3. Place the screen into this huge oven for approximately 20 minutes
  4. Retrieve your screen and tape transparency onto the screen
  5. Place it into the exposure unit and it will vacuum out all the air before exposing the screens to light for 18 seconds. The light causes the emulsion to harden whereas the unexposed parts would still be soft and hence, removable.
  6. Next up, we wash away the unexposed area and witness our print. We tried with different level of water pressure and it was a lot of fun :p
  7. Conceal the frame with tapes and 4 x coins at each corner (the coins provide a small elevation which prevents unwanted ink to seep through the screen onto the medium that you intend to print on)
  8. Apply a layer of ink evenly onto the screen
  9. Use a squeegee and go over the screen in one swift motion with just enough pressure (too little will result in a light print and too much will just make it way too dark)
  10. Time to start printing onto your desire items 🙂
    Attempt #1 – Drawstring Bag

    Attempt #2 – Tote Bag


  11. Apply the remover onto your screen because it is now time to start washing up
  12. It took forever to scrub away the hardened part even with the use of the removal but all is good
  13. End the day happy with your printed items because I have just learnt how to do silk screen printing!!!!!


& that’s all I have for this post, Benji out!



In all my years of expressing through words, images or drawings, never have I ever tried to explain a single emotion on a strip of paper, let alone 18 of them! Nevertheless, I have managed to done so and here is a look at all 18 of them in a whole.final-board-feature-photo-portrait

Below are my 18 attempts to create lines that reflects the emotions that I have selected.


Strip 1 : Affection


Definition : A gentle feeling of fondness and liking.

Thoughts : Affection to me is being passionate towards a special someone, giving her my everything just to make her feel good and comfortable as though she was lying on a bed of roses with absolutely no worries at all.


Medium : Tissue, Calligraphy Ink, Cartridge Paper

Method : The application of heavier darker tones on this strip attempts to reflect the passion of love while the lines being all swirly and twirly implies that I have already fallen head over heels for her.


Strip 2 : Lust


Definition : Very strong sexual desire.

Thoughts : Unpredictable lustful desires that comes irregularly in our everyday lives. Also a crude form of “wanting”. This would be one of the reasons why criminal behavior is often described as being actuated by primal instincts, somewhat animalistic.


Medium : Plastic Food Wrap, Acrylic Paint, Sharp Pin, Newsprint Paper

Method : On certain days, people just tend to crave more which is implied by the heavier tones on this strip. The curly markings created by a sharp pin on the plastic food wrap creates the positive space which was then shown on the strip after inking it onto the wrap itself. This white curly lines are reference to tentacles which are somewhat naughty.


Strip 3 : Sentimentality


Definition : Exaggerated and self indulgent tenderness, or nostalgia.

Thoughts : Nostalgic memories are all interlink with each other regardless of happy or sad. Self indulgent in the sense that at the very moment of reminiscing, it is as though the world is paused and there is that ray of light shining upon you, almost like filming your very own story.



Medium : Coin, Ruler, Saintograph Drawing Pen, Cartridge Paint

Method : Shape, fills and lines are used in this strip to illustrate different components. Circles are used to represent memories with white and black fills to indicate the happy and sad moments and the thin lines illustrates that nostalgia, almost like a want to return back to those times.


Strip 4 : Pleasure


Definition: A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

Thoughts : A visually satisfying strip to evoke an immediate sense of accomplishment. It should be a piece that is able to generate a visually pleasant and satisfying feeling as though you’re on top of the world after seeing the creation of your own come to life.


Medium : Aluminium Tray, Shaving Cream, Calligraphy Ink, Chopstick, Photo Paper

Method : Paper Marbling is applied on this piece by creating the desired patterns on the shaving cream. After capturing the design on one half of the strip, the remainder was used to capture a similar flow which was similar yet different at the same time. Combined together, it creates a piece that is visually satisfying, a pleasure to the eye upon looking.


Strip 5 : Bliss


Definition : Reaching a state of happiness, oblivious of everything else.

Thoughts : Drown in a state of happiness that you’re unaware of anything else that is happening around you because you simply don’t know and don’t care.


Medium : Aluminium Tray, Shaving Cream, Calligraphy Ink, Chopstick, Cartridge Paper

Method : Paper Marbling is applied on this piece, similar to what was described in Strip 4 but with a different type of paper. The cartridge paper is not a suitable to capture the entire design but is a medium that can retain a very feint marks which illustrates the meaning of being oblivious to everything else when you have reached the state of happiness.


Strip 6 : Ecstasy


Definition : An emotional or religious frenzy or trance-like state, originally one involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence.

Thoughts : Transcending into a state that you have never felt before which can be quite an incredible feeling. A crazy and exciting experience which goes on for a while but eventually dies off after all that adrenaline generated.


Medium : Aluminium Tray, Shaving Cream, Calligraphy Ink, Chopstick, Photo Paper

Method : Paper Marbling is applied on this piece by creating the desired patterns on the shaving cream. After capturing the design on one half of the strip, the remainder was used to capture a similar flow which was similar yet different at the same time. The bubbles of the shaving cream was able to create a subtle touch of round textures which represents that the inevitable end of the trance-like state eventually.


Strip 7 : Jolt


Definition : To jar, shake, or cause to move by or as if by a sudden rough thrust; shake up roughly.

Thoughts : A sudden uncomfortable feeling caused by abrupt movements.


Medium : Plastic Food Wrap, Roller, Acrylic Paint, Newsprint Paper

Method : A simple and straightforward method by applying different amount of pressure when rolling paint onto the newsprint paper. A sudden but subtle movement  was manipulated to create a bit of the sudden rough thrust but subtle because of strip being extremely thin.


Strip 8 : Disbelief


Definition : Inability or refusal to accept that something is true or real.

Thoughts : Simply speechless upon hearing the bad news but knowing that what’s happened has already happened, there is absolutely nothing to undo the incident but only to come to acceptance.


Medium : Roller, Acrylic Paint, Newsprint Paper

Method : This strip explains the emotions felt when receiving a bad news. It starts off with one being simply speechless, not being able to react properly. The darker tone shows the transition into acceptance mode which represents the news has been acknowledged which eventually returns to the initial tone which indicates that there is absolutely nothing else that can be done to help suffice the situation.


Strip 9 : Awe


Definition : An overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration.Usually something that just makes me look at in awe, captivated by it’s beauty.

Thoughts : A sight to behold. A piece that makes you go like awwww. The highs and lows of this strip teases the level of amazement you encounter because after every time you get impressed, you will think lowly of the next one you encounter not because it isn’t good but just because that your expectations has been raised. However, there will always be another one that just simply amazes you. This cycle just simply keeps going on and on.


Medium : Brush, Copic Multi-liner Pen, Saintograph Drawing Pen, Ruler, Cartridge Paper

Method : Inconsistent stiff brush strokes across the top to show the ever changing threshold required to impress you.


Strip 10 : Frustrationfrustration

Definition : The feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Thoughts : A burst of strong and powerful negative energy. Scratch mark created to show signs of annoyance and inability to break out from this cage. The initial dark values indicates a very strong anger which slowly fades away as nobody can stay angry for all the time, can they?


Medium : Plastic Food Wrap, Acrylic Paint, Sharp Pin, Newsprint Paper

Method : Applying a heavy layer of black acrylic paint on one side of the food wrap and dabbing a little at the opposite end, followed with long diagonal scratch marks created by a sharp pin and then laying over the newsprint paper onto the food wrap to register the desired design.


Strip 11 : Jealousyjealousy

Definition : Resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another’s success or advantage itself.

Thought : Too much envy eventually turns into very strong jealousy after the strings pulled by the evil side of you because you could not achieve the results of what your rival managed to obtain.


Medium : Card, White Acrylic Paint, Black Cartridge Paper

Method : Dipping the card into white acrylic paint and slice it across the black cartridge paper inconsistently. This creates a a strip which shows the evil(black) eating up the good(white). The texture of the white creates a bit of a 3 dimensional effects almost to imply that it doesn’t want to be devoured by it’s own jealousy, trying to escape from the 2 dimensional paper.


Strip 12 : Wrathwrath

Definition : Vengeance or punishment as the consequence of anger.When you just want to tear somebody apart, literally.

Thoughts : Torn apart, wrecked, totally annihilated. Left in a heap of bloody mess.


Medium : Sponge, Acrylic Paint, Cartridge Paper

Method : Dabbing the edge of the sponge onto acrylic paint. Adjust the surface area that will be in contact with the paper at different angle constantly to create a strip that has suffered badly.


Strip 13 : Guiltguilt

Definition : A feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong,etc., whether real or imagined.

Thoughts : A wall of bloody mess as the first thing that came to mind was a murder scene.


Medium : Brush, Calligraphy Ink, Newsprint Paper

Method : Dripping ink from a brush onto newsprint paper to create something similar to bloodstains on the wall after a terrible act of murder.


Strip 14 : Regretregret

Definition : A feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault, act, loss, disappointment,etc.

Thoughts : Not doing more to achieve the wanted results.


Medium : Brush, Calligraphy Ink, Cartridge Paper

Method : Subtle drops of ink onto the paper to create a seemingly lack of effort piece of strip.


Strip 15 : Lonelinessloneliness

Definition : Affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome.

Thoughts : Being shunned by all kinds as though i’m not worthy of being part of them.


Medium : Brush, Strips of Newsprint Paper, White Acrylic Paint, Black Cartridge Paper

Method : Creating a lonesome splat of white blob in the center which is created by white dripping paint dip avoided by a cluster of curvy lines indicating a happy group created by strips of newsprint paper folded in a funny shape.


Strip 16 : Anxietyanxiety

Definition : Distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune.

Thoughts : Indecisive lines created in a state of panic. Thin strokes of panic lines slowly build up to a section of thick lines indicates the uneasiness of the state of my mind.


Medium : Brush, Sponge, Acrylic Paint, Cartridge Paper

Method : Dabbing the edge of the sponge onto acrylic paint. Adjust the surface area that will be in contact with the paper at different angle constantly to create the thick and thin lines.


Strip 17 : Terroralarm

Definition : Extreme fear. Total destruction.

Thoughts : The fear of having something or someone going all out just to ruin you. Thoughts that comes to mind are substances abuse, terrorism and self inflicted pain due to depression.


Medium : Cigarette, Cigarette ashes, Windproof Lighter, Normal Lighter, Cartridge Paper

Method : Using lit cigarettes to burn holes through the paper to create holes in the center. Using a lighter to make the paper catch fire before extinguishing it with a step of my slipper. The control of fire contact to the paper needs to be very precise if not you will go from your desired outcome to a huge unintended hole.


Strip 18 : Mortificationmortification

Definition : Great embarrassment and shame.

Thoughts : Relating this to a scene of spilling coffee over myself. A very embarrassing moment happening which didn’t get to your head as you were trying to resolve it but only to realize that all eyes were on you at that moment when you embarrassed yourself and that’s when the lines get crazy going downwards as though trying to dig a hole in the paper to go into hiding because of the shame.


Medium : Acrylic Paint, Brush, Newsprint Paper

Methods : Straightforward brush strokes to create the desired effects.




In all seriousness, these past few weeks has stretched my imaginations on how it is possible to create a nice looking mark with almost any materials such as our standard pens and brushes to the leaves and branches. Not mentioning the different methods of making prints such as Linocut and Monoprint. This trained me to be a bit more resourceful when it comes to completion of work which is a very good habit to keep being an Art student.

There were plenty of challenges faced in this project such as working within the boundary of such a thin strip of paper. That aside, there were also times that there were just no inspirations or thoughts on how to proceed onto creating the 18 lines especially when it is supposed to be abstract with no representations of anything. Eventually, it led to a stage where I was trying to fit in the creation of my lines into the shortlisted emotions instead of trying to feel the emotion whilst creating the line.

That sums up the end of Project 1 – EMO line for me as I’m officially certified EMO.

Benji Out.


In the 3rd and 4th week of Mark Making Sessions, I used elastic food wrap and attempted on marbling to create my EMO lines.


Drying the strips after applying the strip onto the plastic food wrap


Applying a very thick layer of paint and started scrapping random cursive lines to create a pattern.7

The opposite what i did previously with different straight line markings created with a sharp object.

All in all, plastic food wraps are actually pretty useful for creating expressions on a thin strip of paper which was the dimension I chose to use.


It was the first time experiencing marbling and it was an interesting process. Tools that you will require are as follows

  • Tray
  • Shaving Cream
  • Calligraphy Ink
  • A wooden stick or chopstick (basically anything that you can swirl and twirl with!)

The step by step process is as follow

  1. Apply shaving cream onto tray, ensure that the shaving cream is evenly spread out and flatten it with a stick or your hand.
  2. Drip Calligraphy Ink onto the shaving cream
  3. Create your desired patterns with a stick
  4. Lay your strip of paper gently onto the pattern created
  5. Remove the strip from the pattern and let it run through waterimg_1338
  6. Let it dry and you are done!


This strip was the first attempt with cartridge paper which is not suitable for marbling with shaving cream. However, it was able to capture a very feint imprint of the design desired.

Coincidentally, it suited an emotion of my selection, Bliss.


A change of paper type managed to capture the design totally.


I used another piece to immediately capture the remains to see if it fits well together and it was pretty decent.


Attempt on trying to create a fiery design with a wet medium.


Eventually when your shaving cream runs out and the base you use to create your design with starts to look bubbly, you


Happy Marble Making guys! 🙂


By the end of these, I was really frustrated and started playing with fire to create some designs.


Firstly, safety, not to burn yourself and suffer any injury.

Secondly, A windproof lighter and one that isn’t has slightly different techniques, a second longer or shorter makes a huge difference between having the desired effect or just a huge hole on your paper!

Lastly, the quality of paper decides how quickly it gets burnt! A newsprint will definitely catch fire way faster than a cartridge paper.

Stay safe guys while burning paper!



Exploration of methods on strips


Long overdue post but here it is!

  1. Affection
    AffectionDefinition: A gentle feeling of fondness and liking.

    Wanting to give my everything just to make someone feel good as though they were lying on a bed of roses without any worries.
  2. Lust

    Definition: Very strong sexual desire.Unpredictable lustful desires that comes irregularly.
  3. Sentimentality
    Definition: Exaggerated and self indulgent tenderness, sadness or nostalgia.

    Self indulgent nostalgic moments when you just feel like a ray of light shines upon you… okay this doesn’t really make much sense does it?
  4. Pleasure
    Definition:  A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

    A wonderful feeling, a sense of accomplishment, as though you’re on top of the world.
  5. Bliss
    Definition:  Reaching a state of perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else.

    Drown in a state of happiness that you’re unaware of anything else that is happening around you because you simply don’t know and don’t care.
  6. Ecstasy
    Definition: An emotional or religious frenzy or trance-like state, originally one involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence.

    Transiting into a state that you have never felt before, yet you love it!!! Almost like taking the drug itself….. no I don’t take drugs. Just describing!!!

  7. Jolt
    Definition:  To jar, shake, or cause to move by or as if by a sudden rough thrust;shake up roughly.

    A sudden uncomfortable feeling.

  8. Awe
    Definition: An overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration.Usually something that just makes me look at in awe, captivated by it’s beauty.
  9. Disbelief
    Definition: inability or refusal to accept that something is true or real.

    Unreal feeling, unable to accept something but eventually accepts the truth and lives with it.

  10. Frustration
    Definition: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

    Unhappy with oneself for being incapable, not having the ability to achieve something within a period of time despite the amount of effort put in, haven’t I felt this a lot? Hmmms…

  11. Jealousy
    Definition: resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another’s success or advantage
    itself.A weird feeling of being green with envy which keeps growing stronger and stronger eventually resulting with a very dark feeling, as though your resentment has reached it’s peak and your jealousy is about to consume you.
  12. Wrath
    Definition: vengeance or punishment as the consequence of

    When you just want to tear somebody apart, literally.

  13. Guilt
    Definition: a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong,etc., whether real or imagined.
     Committing something unsightly, or something that hurts other people, be it physically or emotionally and feeling extremely regretful.
  14. Regret
    Definition: a feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault, act, loss, disappointment,etc.

    Not doing more to achieve the wanted results.

  15. Loneliness
    Definition: affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome.

    As though everything is avoiding you, leaving you slowly and painfully.

  16. Anxiety
    Definition: distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune.
  17. Terror
    Definition: extreme frear.
    Total destruction.
  18. Mortification coffee-spill-interior-header Definition: great embarrassment and shame. 

    Almost like a coffee spill, happening abruptly, resulting in a state of shock and eventually consumed by shame.

The day I disappeared…


Leaving NTU on a Saturday morning made me felt as though I have disappeared from the lives of my family and friends of the outside world, the last time I felt this way was when I’m still in National Service

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Kidnapped by education, as I was last seen in ADM’s dungeon


So much time spent yet I’m getting nowhere


I feel like I’m drowning, could somebody save me? or wait, just leave me be

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I’m getting suicidal thoughts, should I be selfish and take my life and escape from reality? (no I don’t really have suicidal thoughts)


Would this be the scene as I vanish from Earth and ascend to…

The Seventh Heaven?

The Seventh Heaven?


Or would all these smoking be the death of me

As I just magically disappear from Earth


Could this be the first sight I see after death, that tunnel of light before I reached the heavens


or would I get a new lease of life after death as I grow out of it literally?


or would my first sight of Earth be in the nature as some sort of animal?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Well either way, the day I disappear is when all that I am become nothing but just memories…



Process 1

Mark effects by oranges, comb and some miscellaneous tool

Process 2

The unfinished Hot Pot

Process 3

More oranges, lettuce and cabbage

Had steamboat over the weekend with my family and had some leftover food such as Cabbage, Raddish and Mushrooms which all became my materials for mark making this week. tongue-outIMG_1261IMG_1262

The outcome of this mono-print was less than desired. In fact, it actually turned out worse than I expected with all the liquid oozing out from all the pressing creating a stench and worse of all, the imprint was disastrous that I did not even bother to take a photo of it.

But it did lead to other things, I tried to do it manually and created this


It somewhat look like a scene in the forest, looking across the river with the leave as the focal point.


More mark making done by painting over the materials…

I will try exploring ideas with Elastic Food Wrap, White Ink on Black paper next!

Benji out.