in My Work, Project 2 Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump 2


  1. It is recommended to not have grey tones for silk screen printing but I particularly liked the outcome after adjusting with the threshold and levels of this design in Photoshop and chose to explore and see to what extent does grey tone affect the silkscreen printing. :p
    So we get started by having my selected design printed onto a transparency…

  2. Followed by coating a layer of print emulsion on both side of the screen and left it inside the dryer. All these were done inside the dark room because when over exposed to UV light, it causes the emulsion to harden and bind to the fabric rendering it difficult or impossible to wash out during the development stage.
  3. Place the screen into this huge oven for approximately 20 minutes
  4. Retrieve your screen and tape transparency onto the screen
  5. Place it into the exposure unit and it will vacuum out all the air before exposing the screens to light for 18 seconds. The light causes the emulsion to harden whereas the unexposed parts would still be soft and hence, removable.
  6. Next up, we wash away the unexposed area and witness our print. We tried with different level of water pressure and it was a lot of fun :p
  7. Conceal the frame with tapes and 4 x coins at each corner (the coins provide a small elevation which prevents unwanted ink to seep through the screen onto the medium that you intend to print on)
  8. Apply a layer of ink evenly onto the screen
  9. Use a squeegee and go over the screen in one swift motion with just enough pressure (too little will result in a light print and too much will just make it way too dark)
  10. Time to start printing onto your desire items 🙂
    Attempt #1 – Drawstring Bag

    Attempt #2 – Tote Bag


  11. Apply the remover onto your screen because it is now time to start washing up
  12. It took forever to scrub away the hardened part even with the use of the removal but all is good
  13. End the day happy with your printed items because I have just learnt how to do silk screen printing!!!!!


& that’s all I have for this post, Benji out!